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Updated! Top 100 Completely FREE Apps for Preschoolers! No In-App Purchases! (Part 10)

Top 100Here is final page of our Top 100 Completely FREE Apps for Preschoolers! I hope you enjoyed all the hard work that went into putting this together. If you missed any of it be sure to go back and read from the beginning. All the pages are also listed at the end of this post.

This mega list of 100 app contain the most popular posts we have written since the start of Smart Apps for Kids back in 2011. I dug through thousands of posts and found the Top 100 Completely FREE Preschool Apps (no in-app purchases).

Though I am calling it a Top 100, that is the number of posts containing completely free apps. There are actually a total of 572 FREE apps! Yes, 572 apps that will cost you nothing and do not contain in-app purchases. Enjoy and be sure to share with your friends!

Cosmo Camp91. CosmoCamp: Coloring Book

With over 40 pages of whimsical pictures that recollect Migo and Pandy’s stories and encounters in their CosmoCamper, let your child discover en extensive palette of colors, sparkles and special paint brushes, as well as the magical soap bubbles that can clean any mess! In a successful combination of simplicity and entertainment, the intuitive interface helps children quickly master the application on their own for hours upon hours of pure fun!

shadowpuppets92. Shadow Puppets

Turn photos into video stories that come to life and make the people you love smile! Designed with kids in mind, Shadow Puppet is the simplest way to make movies, record special moments and tell your stories.

memollow93. Memollow – Memory Game on Pillows for Kids

Memollow comes from the most popular game for kids – memory, enriched with a pillow which replaced a traditional card. A kid may choose a favourite theme and play memory.

DIYnano94. DIY nano

The DIY Nano app allows families to experience and learn about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology at home or on the go!

(Parental help suggested for younger kids on the hands-on experiments)

grimmsbookshelf95. Grimm’s Bookshelf ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Books

Grimm’s Bookshelf is a convenient one-stop destination where you can sample the StoryToys experience, with FREE games from our award-winning series of 3D interactive pop-up books! Never miss a new release!

firstwordsvalentine96. First Words Valentine

Give your little one an app they’ll love with the newest educational app from Learning Touch! More than just a game, First Words Valentine is a powerful educational tool for toddlers and preschoolers.

imagine97. I Imagine

Bizzibrains’ I imagine book app is a unique, interactive and personalized story designed to bring families less stress and more joy.

4alamrfire98. 4-Alarm Fire

Exciting! Fun! If you love the game ‘Ladder Mania!’ you will love the story that goes with it. Kyle, the Amazing Wonder Dog, is a Fireman! He races from building to building to reach the fire before it is too late. Will he make it in time? Read along to find out Kyle’s latest adventure, or have the story read to you.

maskjumbleanimals99. Mask Jumble Animals

Kids will love seeing their own face in animal form! The first augmented reality game for kids which uses face recognition to let them pretend and match animal masks in a real time video mirror. Catch snacks in your mouth to unlock new masks. Use the wild button to make silly mask combinations. You are the game when all the parts to your favorite animal are matched together.

cabbycat100. Cabby Cat & the Missing Cello

Three bluesy hound dogs. A foxy music critic. A famous musical pig who loses his cello. And a cabby’s race to find it in time for the big concert at Carnegie Hall. Created by “2Dads~In~Brooklyn,” Cabby Cat is an immersive musical Picture Book set in New York City.

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