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Review: Avaz FreeSpeech is a fantastic new learning tool! It’s our newest 5-star app!

Review: Avaz FreeSpeech is a fantastic new learning tool! It’s our newest 5-star app!

Bottom line: Avaz FreeSpeech is a powerful new app designed to help children of all learning levels and language abilities develop grammatically correct sentences using a simple building block method. A welcome addition for anyone with young writers that struggle with arranging sentences or who have a language impairment that makes it frustrating to communicate.… Continue Reading

Andy Helps You Read is not a “fly-by-night” learning tool.

Andy Helps You Read is not a “fly-by-night” learning tool.

Bottom Line: This app can be a handy addition to any special needs classroom at home or in a traditional setting as long as there is adequate guidance and support given to the student. The app isn’t flashy, but the creators have a combined 45 years worth of special needs education experience, which can come… Continue Reading

Updated! Word Creativity Kit has more great features for story writing!

    Bottom Line:A highly-customizable app that encourages word play and story writing for upper-elementary aged students. Multiple saving options make this app useful for teachers with multiple students in a classroom. Updated user interface and features make this app a top app for writing.  Continue Reading

Featured App: Type and Learn HD-S — learn letters and spelling using a full QWERTY keyboard

Type and Learn HD-S offers kids from preschool to middle school the opportunity to learn using a traditional QWERTY keyboard, from letter recognition and spelling for the younger tots all the way up to free writing for older kids. Their letters and words can be read back to them in a synthesized voice, giving them… Continue Reading

Review from Smart Apps For Special Needs: Write to Read is a Top App to help kids write books while learning to read

Purpose of App: Write to Read allows a parent and child to work together to create stories. Kids add pictures and type their best attempt of the dialogue, and parents or teachers add the "grown up" version of the text to show proper spelling and grammar. Strengths: Offers the child independence without penalty for making… Continue Reading

Best writing app for kids: Cursive Writing Wizard is a new Top Pick!

    Bottom Line: Simply an amazing app for kids to learn cursive writing. Cursive Writing Wizard allows customization, keeps data (including actual copies of student tracing!) for multiple individual accounts and is fun to use. It’s a must-have app for any kids learning cursive. Continue Reading

Best Apps for Writing: StartDOT Handwriting — learn to write letters and numbers

    Bottom Line: A wonderful handwriting app for letters and numbers allows unlimited user profiles. Each letter or number is accompanied by a picture for the initial sound, pictures within the letter or number, six different practice formats and a story relating to the pictures that describes how to write it. This must-have app… Continue Reading

Featured App: Learn to Read, Write and Spell Pro — an English language skills program

Learn to Read, Write and Spell Pro is an English language skills program which covers a huge amount of material, from learning the letters of the alphabet all the way through to reading and writing at a sixth grade level. The English language is riddled with anomalies and is incredibly difficult to learn properly. Learn… Continue Reading