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Vocabubble is a fantastic vocabulary app and a new Top Pick!

    Bottom Line: It’s not often that I run across an alphabet app that offers much new that excites me, but Vocabubble really is much more than an alphabet app. It’s a delightful way for kids to discover new and interesting words. The beautiful illustrations introduce an abundance of vocabulary to challenge young minds. Continue Reading

Updated! Word Creativity Kit has more great features for story writing!

    Bottom Line:A highly-customizable app that encourages word play and story writing for upper-elementary aged students. Multiple saving options make this app useful for teachers with multiple students in a classroom. Updated user interface and features make this app a top app for writing.  Continue Reading

Review: Monki Home provides a smart take on learning a second language! FREE to try!

    Bottom Line: An app to help preschoolers learn a second language, but also useful for use in first language! Follow basic commands and learn vocabulary related to the home. Monki Home is also useful for following directions and language expansion in speech-language pathology. It’s free to try, and definitely worth a download! Continue Reading

Save 50% on one of my favorite speech-language therapy apps!

Category Carousel is 50% off today! Categorizing is fantastic for language development. It promotes vocabulary development, word recall skills, and so much more. Designed by language experts, this simple and effective app will entertain and educate. It's truly one of the best apps around for teaching basic language skills, and it's my favorite app to use with… Continue Reading

Monki Shake It: Fun and engaging language learning for young children!

    Bottom Line: Monki Shake It is a great app for young language learners — both those learning or playing with a second language as well as those needing a little support in learning their first language. The games are creative and the app is well designed, and giggling animals are sure to delight… Continue Reading

Best apps for creative play: Learn about the weather with Top Pick MarcoPolo Weather!

    Bottom Line: Another amazing app from Marco Polo Learning, offering young children the opportunity to explore and change weather. It’s a great example of how kids can play and explore and still learn about weather and its changes. Play with nine different weather types, changing temperature, wind and sun levels, while interacting with… Continue Reading

Good Free App of the Day: Learn 3000 academic vocabulary words with this completely FREE app!

Today while browsing the top charts for kids' apps (something I do regularly–occupational hazard), I found an app I'd never seen before. Wordly Wise 3000® Vocabulary Flashcards FREE really does have flashcards for 3000 words, with both text and audio definitions. Each word is used in a sentence, too (I give encomium to the developer for this… Continue Reading

From Smart Apps for Special Needs: Brand new completely FREE app for vocabulary and science!

Classify It! is a brand-new app, and I'm hoping that the current price of FREE is not an introductory price. This app is amazing! Developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it's educational for science, but it's also extremely useful to me for speech-language therapy, and good for students working on vocabulary and… Continue Reading

A rhumba of rattlesnakes? Learn all about it with Lars and Friends

    Bottom Line: Lars the horse is in need of adventure and spends a day cavorting with animals of all shapes and sizes. This storybook app is set at an enjoyable pace and also offers puzzles and a learning section that made this reviewer's heart happy.    Continue Reading

Review: MiniSchool offers a range of educational lessons kids will want to play

    Bottom Line: MiniSchool offers a collection of six educational activities with varying levels of difficulty to help teach and reinforce several academic skills. Whimsical ocean-themed scenes and characters keep children entertained while working for a ribbon of success. Though many of the activities benefit younger children, the varying difficulty levels allow this app… Continue Reading