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Review Update: Writing Wizard, top handwriting app, now also available on Android

    Bottom Line: Writing Wizard — Kids Learn to Write Letters & Words is the standard by which I judge all other handwriting apps on the market. With light, non-intrusive background music, reward-driven sound effects and playful celebratory animated letter games, the app motivates children to continue with their handwriting practice. Parents and teachers will… Continue Reading

Top 12 Best Apps for Handwriting and Prewriting skills

There is something about handwriting apps that gets the staff at Smart Apps for Kids excited! There are so many handwriting apps available, but some truly stand out above the rest. We recently discussed which apps were our favorites for teaching and helping children practice their handwriting. This discussion led to the creation of this… Continue Reading

Review: Practice handwriting skills with iTrace

    Bottom Line: A very comprehensive handwriting app that lets children begin by tracing letters with their fingers, and then carries over to actual handwriting with a stylus. Also allows for printing off worksheets to practice letters and words. Reasonably priced, which puts it in range for most families and therapists. Free lite version available. Continue Reading

Review — Maya the Bee: Flower Party

    Bottom line: Maya the Bee is having a birthday party and all of her insect friends are joining her. Children work through games to bring everything together — presents, guests and food. Kids enjoy lively narration, beautiful illustrations and smooth animations while learning about colors, numbers, matching and tracing. There is also a riveting music section… Continue Reading

Playground 3: ABC Edition – Review

    Bottom Line: A fun little alphabet learning app for kids ages 3-6. Features lots of opportunities to practice recognizing and writing letters. Doesn’t break any new ground, but does feature a yeti. Free lite version available. Continue Reading

The Nutcracker and the Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese: Review

    Bottom Line: a beautifully animated short film, a narrated retelling of the Christmas classic, 7 preschool learning games, and 6 create a scene play rooms all set to the spellbinding music of Tchaikovsky's ballet. Continue Reading