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Best puzzle app for kids! AZZL is creative and fun for visual-spatial skills. New Top Pick!

Best puzzle app for kids! AZZL is creative and fun for visual-spatial skills. New Top Pick!

    Bottom Line: A puzzle app with a lot to offer! These puzzles are creative and varied, making for a surprisingly fun app with excellent graphics. Not just for puzzle lovers—AZZL will appeal to a much larger crowd. Develop visual-spatial skills with this great app! Continue Reading

Dr. Panda’s Carnival is a brand new festival of fun! New Top Pick!

    Bottom Line: Our favorite multi-career Panda is back! And now he is ready to play. This time we are headed to Dr. Panda's Carnival where we'll get to play games, ride rides, and win prizes. Dr. Panda's Carnival is a wonderful addition to the Pandaverse that will give your kiddo plenty of enriching… Continue Reading

Wonster Words- spelling with ABC and phonics by Puzzingo is a new Top Pick!

    Bottom Line: Kids get to learn letter sounds, spelling and word families by using ghost-themed letters to spell words and reveal fun animations. These animated and lovable monsters (Wonsters) put the words in useful context and help provide definitions. A lot is included with the free download and more letter families and games… Continue Reading

Safari Tales is a gigantic African adventure and one of our new Top Picks!

    Bottom line:  Safari Tales is the latest offering from Kuato, the same developer that brought us Dino Tales. This time Safari Tales brings your kids on an African adventure seen through the eyes of five adorable baby animals. Guiding you on the escapades is Darwin the meerkat, ready to answer any questions that… Continue Reading

Love podcasts and audio books? Give kids their own with Tales Untold! New Top Pick!

    Bottom Line: An app with tales just for kids! Designed for kids from 3-7, these stories are really fun for parents, too. Each story has a free chapter to try, with full content available with an in-app purchase. They are written and narrated with excellence, and are a great way to share a… Continue Reading

NetKids by Cupcake Digital is like having a library, app store and TV rolled into one!

    Bottom Line: Cupcake Digital presents NetKids, which bundles narrated books, videos, apps and activities into a tidy and easy to use, subscription based app that doesn't need a constant WiFi or cellular connection.This app is perfect for long trips and shared devices that can make life simpler with busy kiddos. Continue Reading

Imagination Playground 3D Builder – New Top Pick for this wonderfully creative app!

Bottom Line: Imagination Playground offers their Blue Blocks systems in sizes ranging from small (for tabletop play) all the way to large (for playgrounds), and I can’t say I’ve ever seen a play set that encourages such creative play and problem solving. And now they are offering a FREE mobile app, Imagination Playground 3D Builder,… Continue Reading