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Four new websites to the Top FREE Kids Educational Websites list! Now 25!

Today we learned of a cool new website from Washington State University, Ask Dr. Universe. This inspired me to update our list of great free kids' websites, so now the popular list contains 25 sites with all or mostly FREE content!  Check out the full list by clicking the link below, or read on to… Continue Reading

Top Ten Word Games to keep little minds active this summer!

Now that we are firmly entrenched in summer at our house, my troops are getting a bit resistant to my stealthy techniques to keep their brains in learning mode. As in the past, I’ve found that if they can play it on an iPad they are willing to overlook the fact that it is educational.… Continue Reading

Updated September 2015! Top 25 Free Educational Websites for Kids!

Updated September 14, 2015! Technology is becoming more and more a part of education. There are so many great websites for children to play and learn on. I absolutely loved using a wide variety of websites in my classroom. Best thing about many of these websites is that children enjoy playing them and do not… Continue Reading

Top 10 memory keepsake apps to store children’s milestones, memories, artwork and more!

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me in the last few months knows that my babies will be heading to high school next fall. I'm a sentimental girl at heart so I've done a pretty good job of documenting major milestones, funny quotes/stories and the occasional finger-painted masterpiece. My basement and closets… Continue Reading

Good Free Apps of the Day: ELEVEN completely free apps from Lipa Apps! Android, too!

I've used a few of the Lipa apps from Lipa Learning, but I somehow missed that there are 11 that are completely FREE! These apps educational and well designed with a great interface. They're designed for preschoolers, but have some great aspects for early elementary, too. Definitely check out these 11 FREE apps! There are… Continue Reading

Top Apps to Keep New Year’s Resolutions **UPDATED for 2015 with 23 FREE apps!

Making New Year’s Resolutions is a popular activity for many around the world, and with that in mind, here is my Top Ten Resolutions list along with some apps that may help the resolutions be successful past January.  Some are focused on families, while others are specific for parents. Happy New Year! **UPDATE: Well, 2014… Continue Reading

Top 25 FREE Apps for Christmas: 2014 Edition! Best holiday apps for kids!

Buckle your seatbelts. We now have less than three weeks until Christmas and it’s about to get crazy. So when you need a break (or for the kids to have one), here are some good free Christmas apps to make everybody happy. There is sure to be some fun on this list for all ages.… Continue Reading

**UPDATED** 42 Completely Free (no in-app purchases) LEGO apps!

Based on our last reader survey, many, many parents (like me) **really** don't like it when a kids' app says "free" but it has a bunch of in-app purchases. Some our of readers even reported they won't download a kids' app that has in-apps.  So, in that spirit, we took one of our popular posts,… Continue Reading