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Review: Exam Elf is boot camp for standardized math testing

    Bottom Line: Exam Elf is like boot camp for teaching fourth, fifth and sixth graders standardized testing skills for Common Core-aligned mathmatics. Make no mistake, this app exists to teach testing skills, and it notes shortcomings in detailed reports. Although it gives corrected answers, there are no explanations provided to students. Users who… Continue Reading

Giveaway: Third Grade Math and Science Study Guide Apps ($90 worth!)

Teachers and parents are going to love this giveaway. Three lucky winners will get Math 3 Study Guide and Science 3 Study Guide by Top Student to help start training for world domination! I mean excellent grades, honor roll, college and then world domination. The important thing is to start young and be thorough. These… Continue Reading

BuzzMath Middle School: Review

      Bottom Line: a whopping 2800 common core aligned middle school math problems presented in a variety of formats for Free. You won't need any number sense to figure out the absolute value of this deal. Continue Reading

iTooch Middle School: Review

    Bottom Line: A quiz-style app that may be useful for parents and teachers, but might not be motivating enough for students. A few areas need improvement, but it's Free to try all seven content strands! Continue Reading

See.Touch.Learn Pro 2.0: Updated Review

    Bottom Line: With the addition of a share community and other interface improvements, the app Ron called "a complete and total game-changer for education on the iPad if you're willing to invest the time" now has the potential to help even those parents and professionals who until version 2.0 never had the time… Continue Reading

Mathway: Review

    Bottom Line: When your children have moved on from memorization of basic math facts and need support with math from Grade 4 through college, then look no further. This app has the answer to the most complex of problems free and thorough explanations for a fair price. Continue Reading

DoodleMath: Review

Bottom line: If you're in the U.K. and have a 7 to 11 year old child, buy it. If you're elsewhere and have a child functioning in that age range, still take a long look, especially since you can try the basics for free.   Continue Reading