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Review and Giveaway: Bluebee Pals Interactive Bluetooth Toy (a $65 value!)

When the folks at Bluebee Pals asked if I might be interested in reviewing one of their adorable Bluebee Pals, I said “sure” thinking that it would be a cute little distraction for my kids but probably just a novelty item. You know, just a toy. So, imagine my delight upon receiving Leo the Lion… Continue Reading

From Smart Apps for Android: Find out about the latest and greatest technology trends from CES2015

Be still my geek heart! This is my favorite week of the year. Not because my kids have gone back to school after being home for two weeks — though that is a plus. No, it gets better! This week is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. New and innovative gadgets and technology are… Continue Reading

Streaming Media Players: Apple TV

Until fairly recently, I had pretty much zero experience with media streaming devices. Oh, sure, I’d watched NetFlix on my laptop and I had a DVR with my satellite service, but as far as a simple way to easily stream content from the internet to my television was concerned, I was kind of behind the… Continue Reading

Price Slash: Get an iPhone 5c for only $29 or an iPhone 5s for $99.

Hold on to your pantyhose if you wear them, folks because Walmart has permanently slashed the prices of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S. According to ABC News, Walmart announced that with a two-year contract purchased in stores only with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint, shoppers can bring a 16GB iPhone 5c home for only $29 (was… Continue Reading

Top 12 Awesome FREE Apps for the Classroom — Updated

This year, for the first time ever, I have the opportunity to stay home with my kids over summer break. I'm thrilled about all the opportunities for fun and excitement, but I am also a little bit concerned about them losing any academic momentum that they have right now while they are on my watch.… Continue Reading

Review: Go on a FREE microscopic journey into nano technology in Scopey’s Nano Adventure

    Bottom Line: Scopey’s Nano Adventure takes children into the microscopic world of nano technology. Players build their own nanos, compete in missions, and earn ribbons to unlock more levels. Woven throughout the missions, Scopey the nano robot teaches various practical lessons on what nano technology is and how it is applied in real… Continue Reading