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Gotta get Back in Time with this amazing app from Landka

I really wish I were Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I feel like that's what it would take to do justice to Back in Time by Landka Apps. This beautiful app gives you the history of . . . well . . . everything, and it really seems like something our friend Neil should know about. It's an overwhelming… Continue Reading

Visit the African jungle and go star-gazing with Kiwaka

I really wish I'd been introduced to this app two weeks earlier. Just the other day, my daughter was asking questions about the constellations, and while I knew the basics, I found I had to trust my good friend Google to tell us where each constellation got its name, why each shape evoked each picture,… Continue Reading

Featured: Great discount on Top Pick News-O-Matic! Save $15!

Hop into reading with News-O-Matic, a Top Pick! Get a never-ending subscription to News-O-Matic for just $4.99! (Normally $19.99.) Emilie gave News-O-Matic 4.5 stars. Read her full review here. We love this app at Smart Apps For Kids, because of the great content. And for just $4.99, your child can read great news all year long. Don't miss out… Continue Reading

Featured App: OctoPlus — practice addition underwater in this fun learning app!

Have you ever had a dream of learning addition underwater? It's surprisingly fun to do! Join an octopus and some turtles to practice addition math facts in a creative way. OctoPlus is a math adaptation of Turtle Invaders, a 2014 Gold Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award for Best in Family-Friendly Products. This app was… Continue Reading

Get three speech therapy apps for the price of one!

Get three highly popular speech therapy apps for the price of one in this great bundle. It comes with an easy-to-use screener to see where children stand with their articulation skills, as well as two additional apps that come with easy-to-understand videos of how to produce the sounds of the English language. There are also… Continue Reading