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New Top Pick! Table It! is amazing for education, including special ed!

New Top Pick! Table It! is amazing for education, including special ed!

Bottom Line: Table It! is an amazing app like none I’ve ever seen. Along with 34 editable sample tables, the user can make an unlimited number of tables to organize any information desired. Make a table schedule, organize information from history class, make a data set in math, create a table for personal information or… Continue Reading

Processing Pow Wow on sale TODAY ONLY!

On sale from $20 to $5 for today only! This simple to use app is a tremendous tool for improving listening skills, auditory processing, auditory recall, and discussing object functions.  Skills targeted in this app are crucial for school readiness and performance.  It comes with numerous levels of complexity and even has a barrier game… Continue Reading

Massive savings on Language Forest by Synapse Apps!

Don't just learn vocabulary, EXPERIENCE it with Language Forest.  This app is designed to allow for students to use and think about all their senses when learning new words.  Students can create endless decks of their own or enjoy over 50 decks already included.  Use what language pathologists use everyday to enhance language learning. Reduced from $19.99… Continue Reading

Review: Key Verbs with Steffy & James is a must-have for early language development!

    Bottom Line: Designed for speech-language pathologists and parents to target early language development and verb tense, Key Verbs with Steffy & James is priced right for use by all kids. The graphics are phenomenal, and with a large number of target verbs, it’s great for grammar and sentence expansion in therapy. A must-have… Continue Reading

Jenni’s Top 10 (or 14) Apps for Social Skills! Newly updated!

As a speech/language therapist in a school district, I work with a huge variety of students. Each student has a different disability, and no two kids are the same. This is something I’m sure many of you can relate with! As many of you know, money is also a concern, not only in the schools,… Continue Reading

FREE APP ALERT! S.E.E (Social Emotional Exchange) From $29.99 to FREE!

(Also check out Deanne's Top 10 Free Apps for ASD Kids!) An app that helps children recognize emotions by looking at facial expressions has gone FREE in the lead-up to Autism Awareness Day, which is celebrated worldwide on April 2.  We are not sure how long this app will be FREE, so hurry up and download… Continue Reading

Good Free App of the Day: Shadow Puppets: Easily create social stories, presentations & more!

Looking for a simple and free way to make social stories or other kid-friendly video presentations? Shadow Puppet allows you to do just that and more! Choose photos from your own camera roll and narrate the slideshow. You can tap to highlight an area within a picture and zoom in/out.  Features a "how to" video… Continue Reading

FREE APP ALERT! Discovering Emotions with Zeely ($19.99 to FREE for the first time ever!)

**Sorry but this app has returned to paid.  Sign up to our FREE APP ALERT so you never miss great freebies like this again**   ($50 worth of apps have gone FREE on our FREE APP FRIDAY post too!) What a great way to get ready for Autism Awareness Month in April! It is well known that people with… Continue Reading

FREE App Alert! Attainment’s Access Language Arts from $40 to FREE for a limited time!

**Sorry but this app has returned to full price.  Sign up to our FREE APP ALERT so you never miss great freebies like this one again**   Attainment's Access Language Arts, which is normally a $39.99 app, has gone FREE for a limited time only. This app contains four stories adapted to specifically benefit students with special… Continue Reading

Review: LinguaPix — great for developing expressive language

    Bottom Line: A comprehensive expressive language app good for speech-language pathologists, useful for all ages. The data collection and content make it a good buy, and a free version (with one deck free) allows the user to try it before committing to the full price. **On sale 20 percent off through Dec. 28.** Continue Reading