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Kiwaka Story: A beautifully illustrated and interactive book app.

Kiwaka Story by Landka follows four jungle friends, an elephant, a crocodile, a snake and a bird as they search for the story of the stars. With help from each other and some butterflies as well as fireflies, they learn about the major constellations and their classic mythologies as well as how to find them.… Continue Reading

Gotta get Back in Time with this amazing app from Landka

I really wish I were Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I feel like that's what it would take to do justice to Back in Time by Landka Apps. This beautiful app gives you the history of . . . well . . . everything, and it really seems like something our friend Neil should know about. It's an overwhelming… Continue Reading

Back in Time: a thrill ride that doesn’t require a souped-up DeLorean

Back in Time, by Landka Apps brings the history of the universe and civilization into the palms of you hands with this gorgeously designed app. Easy navigation based on a 24-hour clock and linear visual timelines make the vastness of this information easier to put in context. This thoroughly engaging look at the universe is… Continue Reading

Learn about the constellations with our colorful animal friends in Kiwaka Story!

Learn about the colorful creatures from Kiwaka in the interactive book, Kiwaka Story. Learn about how our Kiwakan elephant friend got his pink hue and how his toucan buddy became so colorful. Then go on a journey with them and their friends to discover the mysteries in the stars. This app, with its soothing music… Continue Reading

Visit the African jungle and go star-gazing with Kiwaka

I really wish I'd been introduced to this app two weeks earlier. Just the other day, my daughter was asking questions about the constellations, and while I knew the basics, I found I had to trust my good friend Google to tell us where each constellation got its name, why each shape evoked each picture,… Continue Reading

Review: Dr. Panda in Space takes kids where no one has gone before.

    Bottom Line: Dr. Panda accompanies kids while they customize a spaceship, zoom through the universe playing mini-games and collect trinkets to play with in zero gravity or feed to some alien buddies. Cynthia has only given a five star review to two other apps in her tenure at Smart Apps for Kids, but… Continue Reading