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New Top Pick! Table It! is amazing for education, including special ed!

New Top Pick! Table It! is amazing for education, including special ed!

Bottom Line: Table It! is an amazing app like none I’ve ever seen. Along with 34 editable sample tables, the user can make an unlimited number of tables to organize any information desired. Make a table schedule, organize information from history class, make a data set in math, create a table for personal information or… Continue Reading

FREE innovative app for literacy! Bam Boomerang is a must-download for teachers and parents!

When I find a great reading app, I get almost giddy. When it’s also free, I might even squeal. And when I find out it’s completely free, with NO in-app purchases, I insist everyone I know download it right now. So that means if you’re reading this post, you kind of know me, and you… Continue Reading

Best apps for SLPs: Minimal Pairs Academy helps kids develop sound discrimination skills

    Bottom Line: While Minimal Pairs Academy is designed for children age four and up, don’t be fooled into thinking it is only for “little” kids or only for kids working on speech sounds. It's a little on the pricey side, but has multiple uses. Continue Reading

Review: SnapWordsA — Learn, play, and be quizzed on visual sight words

     Bottom Line: A wonderful sight word app that uses visuals, games, and rewards to engage a learner in memorizing sight words for reading.  It has a variety of game options to practice the words, but it has a limited number of words and levels.  Although the words are basic sight words, this app… Continue Reading

Review: School of Multi-Step Directions — a must-have for SLPs!

    Bottom Line: Created by a certified speech language pathologist, School of Multi-Step Directions is designed to help children follow increasingly longer and more difficult directions. Starting with simple two-step directions and progressing up to four-step directions, this app is sure to assist the user in understanding and following directions and concepts. Continue Reading

Open-Ended Articulation — Review

    Bottom Line: Designed for kids 6+ who struggle with the speech sounds S, R, L, Z, CH, TH, SH and S/R/L blends at the sentence and conversational level. This app is meant for articulation therapy, but is versatile enough to be used in language therapy and with kids who have autism. Imaginations are sure to… Continue Reading

Review: Word Vault — Word Lists for SLPs!

    Bottom Line: A resource app that makes life as a speech-language pathologist a lot easier! Teachers and parents may also benefit from the organized word lists. Higher priced than some apps, but as a portable reference book, it’s a steal. Now a FREE version with in-app purchases and a Pro version! Continue Reading

Top Lesson Planning Apps for Teachers

Lesson planning:  The essential part of teaching that takes up a lot of time and paperwork when it is completed in a way that is beneficial for teachers, administrators, and students. It seems that every district and every administrator has different requirements for how lesson plans are written, so it is difficult to find apps… Continue Reading