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Blue Planet Tales is now available on a subscription basis! Get access to ALL of their wonderful books at one low price.

I've been a long-time fan of Blue Planet Tales. These exciting storybook apps never fail to entertain my kids while teaching them something along the way. I've been collecting the individual tales and building up our library, but I always find that there are additional stories in their collection that I want too. So imagine… Continue Reading

Good Free App of the Day: Super Readers — A Dolch Sight Words Based Story Book App FREE for a limited time!

I'm always looking for early reader books for the iPad, and it's even better when the apps are FREE. Super Readers has ten early reader books, all with simple text based on common sight words. Each page also has a record function. It's a great app for parents, teachers and speech-language pathologists, and it's currently FREE… Continue Reading

Best fairy tale apps: Enjoy this retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic The Snow Queen

    Bottom Line: A lovely story app that is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale about two friends pulled apart by a bewitched mirror. With pretty illustrations and sweet animations throughout, this is a story app that will entertain young users.   Continue Reading

Review: Montessori Kindergarten Kids Hooked on Phonics offers a lot of content, but needs work to be a top pick

    Bottom Line: This app provides a lot of phonics practice in a simple format, covering identification of beginning, middle and ending sounds. The reading section features five early phonics readers as well. However, the interface is not fancy and there are a few content errors, and the $2.99 price is high. Continue Reading

Featured App: Type and Learn HD-S — learn letters and spelling using a full QWERTY keyboard

Type and Learn HD-S offers kids from preschool to middle school the opportunity to learn using a traditional QWERTY keyboard, from letter recognition and spelling for the younger tots all the way up to free writing for older kids. Their letters and words can be read back to them in a synthesized voice, giving them… Continue Reading

Best reading apps for kids: interactive reading program iReadWith!

    Bottom Line: iReadWith is a reading program designed by Tribal Nova, the same folks who brought you the popular iLearnWith series of learning games. The iReadWith program encourages both parents and children to participate in the interactive reading process. Currently available are two books from the always popular Caillou, but we look forward… Continue Reading

Review: Check out interactive children’s story Land of Mislaid

    Bottom Line: Land of Mislaid is an adorable story about a little girl and her grandpa's imaginative adventure searching for her lost peppermint. Their story comes to life in the moving pages as they travel on their sofa, the S.S. Living Room, in search of the Land of Mislaid where the candy is… Continue Reading

Featured App: Learn to Read, Write and Spell Pro — an English language skills program

Learn to Read, Write and Spell Pro is an English language skills program which covers a huge amount of material, from learning the letters of the alphabet all the way through to reading and writing at a sixth grade level. The English language is riddled with anomalies and is incredibly difficult to learn properly. Learn… Continue Reading

Conversation TherAppy — Review

    Bottom line: This is a must-have app for speech-language pathologists at all levels from about age 9 through adult. Work on conversation and answering comprehension questions, with great data-keeping and customization. Free lite version available. **ON SALE FOR $19.99 THROUGH AUG. 31.** Continue Reading