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Review: Avaz FreeSpeech is a fantastic new learning tool! It’s our newest 5-star app!

Review: Avaz FreeSpeech is a fantastic new learning tool! It’s our newest 5-star app!

Bottom line: Avaz FreeSpeech is a powerful new app designed to help children of all learning levels and language abilities develop grammatically correct sentences using a simple building block method. A welcome addition for anyone with young writers that struggle with arranging sentences or who have a language impairment that makes it frustrating to communicate.… Continue Reading

Featured App: The Sounding Out Machine is a wonderful tool for young readers!

Featured App: The Sounding Out Machine is a wonderful tool for young readers!

The Sounding Out Machine is designed to help children isolate and read challenging words on a page of text. By helping kids break down and sound out words, using technology that is now second nature to our children, the Sounding Out Machine becomes a teaching tool that students can use independently. What a gift to… Continue Reading

Andy Helps You Read is not a “fly-by-night” learning tool.

Andy Helps You Read is not a “fly-by-night” learning tool.

Bottom Line: This app can be a handy addition to any special needs classroom at home or in a traditional setting as long as there is adequate guidance and support given to the student. The app isn’t flashy, but the creators have a combined 45 years worth of special needs education experience, which can come… Continue Reading

Blue Planet Tales is now available on a subscription basis! Get access to ALL of their wonderful books at one low price.

I've been a long-time fan of Blue Planet Tales. These exciting storybook apps never fail to entertain my kids while teaching them something along the way. I've been collecting the individual tales and building up our library, but I always find that there are additional stories in their collection that I want too. So imagine… Continue Reading

FREE innovative app for literacy! Bam Boomerang is a must-download for teachers and parents!

When I find a great reading app, I get almost giddy. When it’s also free, I might even squeal. And when I find out it’s completely free, with NO in-app purchases, I insist everyone I know download it right now. So that means if you’re reading this post, you kind of know me, and you… Continue Reading

Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words is great for back to school!

    Bottom Line: Children starting to read will get a lot of enjoyment while learning their sight words with Bob Books characters -Sam, Dot, Mat and friends. In this latest release from the Bob Books family, users are treated to the simple but engaging sentences and illustrations that require input from the children to… Continue Reading

Safari Tales is a gigantic African adventure and one of our new Top Picks!

    Bottom line:  Safari Tales is the latest offering from Kuato, the same developer that brought us Dino Tales. This time Safari Tales brings your kids on an African adventure seen through the eyes of five adorable baby animals. Guiding you on the escapades is Darwin the meerkat, ready to answer any questions that… Continue Reading

Learn to Read Nok-Syllables helps kids practice reading skills with cute alien friends

  Bottom Line: Nok and his friend are cute little aliens here to help children practice reading skills through using syllables. Children can choose from four different mini games as well as the level of difficulty. While there are a few minor issues, this is a great game to get kids playing and practicing with… Continue Reading

Big sale for News-O-Matic! Don’t miss out!

Just in time for March Madness! Get a never-ending subscription to News-O-Matic for just $4.99! (It is normally $19.99.) Emilie gave News-O-Matic 4.5 stars. Read her full review here. If you would like to download News-O-Matic (free with in-app subscription purchases, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Kids by using our link:     Also… Continue Reading