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Good Free App of the Day: Birdhouse for Special Needs can help your family stay organized!

Good Free App of the Day: Birdhouse for Special Needs can help your family stay organized!

One of our favorite organizational tools, Birdhouse for Special Needs, is our good free app of the day! This highly customizable app is an invaluable tool for any family, especially during these busy, busy times. What a convenient way to keep everybody on the same page. Did I mention that it’s FREE? If you haven’t tried… Continue Reading

Good Free App of the Day: OurPact is a powerful new parental control app that is effective and easy-to-use. Plus it’s FREE!

I’m not sure that I’ve been this excited about an app in a very long time. Particularly one that wasn’t one of my favorite games. OurPact is an easy-to-use parental control software that not only helps parents control their children’s’ iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) usage, it enables them to do it remotely (and… Continue Reading

Ron’s favorite funny tweets!

Most of my social media time over the past few years has been spent on Facebook, but I've been spending a lot more time on Twitter recently and have realized how many extremely talented writers are out there. I can't get through my timeline without bursting into laughter a few times or stopping to think… Continue Reading

Best apps for special needs: iDo Hygiene teaches activities of daily living

    Bottom Line: A wonderful app that teaches activities of daily living in a step-by-step process illustrated through both photos and video. Highly customizable, and useful for any special needs individual, adult or child. Try the first two lessons for free on the trial version! Continue Reading

Top Ten Ways to Survive Snow Days (As told by a Mom on the edge.)

Winter. What started as a four-day weekend turned into a ginormous blob of unending time home from school for my three kids because of winter. I don't even know what day it is or when I last had a shower. They have been home since last Thursday and according to the all-knowing computer, it's Friday… Continue Reading

From Smart Apps for Android: Find out about the latest and greatest technology trends from CES2015

Be still my geek heart! This is my favorite week of the year. Not because my kids have gone back to school after being home for two weeks — though that is a plus. No, it gets better! This week is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. New and innovative gadgets and technology are… Continue Reading

New Top Pick! Learner Mosaic is a FREE toolbox to help parents support their child’s learning

    Bottom Line: Learner Mosaic is a tool box for parents to help support and understand their individual child’s learning. Through questions and interaction with the app Leo’s Pad, parents can start building a mosaic for each child. Each child's mosaic consists of social-emotional skills, knowledge, creative skills, physical skills, character skills and thinking… Continue Reading