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59 Wonderful DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for the Classroom!

59 Wonderful DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for the Classroom!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. You do not want to be that parent at the drug store at the last minute. Not that I am speaking from experience. With 59 fun and unique ideas for making valentines, there is something for everyone. Plus, your child’s valentine will be something special. There are so many choices.… Continue Reading

Top Ten Ways to Survive Snow Days (As told by a Mom on the edge.)

Winter. What started as a four-day weekend turned into a ginormous blob of unending time home from school for my three kids because of winter. I don't even know what day it is or when I last had a shower. They have been home since last Thursday and according to the all-knowing computer, it's Friday… Continue Reading

Featured App: TutoKid is a parent’s rainy day boredom buster life-saver

"Mooooom! I'm BORED!" I know far too many parents (and teachers, for that matter) who hear these very same words most frequently on long weekends, rainy days and . . . really, ANY day. TutoKid is a unique app that gets kids off the screen and creating things with their own hands. What's better? The… Continue Reading

Newly updated!! ToDo Math is all-new and still fabulous

    Bottom line: A fabulous math app for your special needs or young elementary-aged child. Since we first reviewed ToDo K-2 Math Practice, it has evolved to an app with a new name and even more math. The new ToDo Math is built on the same basic premise with math activities that can be completed… Continue Reading

Best Free Apps For Moms: Ground Miles — because we are all run off our feet!

If you know me at all, you'll know that I love apps. What you may not know about me is that I am a bit of a couch potato. It's all the apps' fault, I swear! So to combat my sedentariness, I downloaded a pedometer app. If apps are going to be part of the… Continue Reading

From Smart Apps For Android: Loom bracelets — best apps, vids and pins for kids!

Has the fever hit you? Are you rubber band bracelet crazy? We have bands and charms in all shapes and colors in my house and I have to admit, I love that my kids are keeping their fine motor skills up during the Easter break, plus my boys are getting into it too! I know… Continue Reading

How to get a refund from Apple for the $4,897 your kid spent on in-app purchases you didn’t know about

So, remember when we told you a while back about how Apple is willing to refund your money if your little snowflake made a bunch of in-app purchases you didn't authorize? The problem at that time was that we didn't know HOW those refunds were going to take place. Well, now we do. Continue Reading

Jill’s Top 10 Apps for Earth Day

Most of the time when we talk about the three R's it's reading, writing and arithmetic we are referring to. When April and Earth Day roll around the three R's can only mean Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. There are a number of apps that celebrate our planet and give tips on how to reduce our… Continue Reading

Top 10 Free Apps for Physical Science – Updated with new apps! Now 15 FREE!

One of the buzzwords at FETC was STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These of course are the subjects kids need to learn if they want be employed in years to come. We've done a good job highlighting math apps and have had several recent reviews this month of new number cruncher… Continue Reading