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Young Minecraft Fans Rejoice! Microsoft Announces Minecraft: Education Edition.

Young Minecraft Fans Rejoice! Microsoft Announces Minecraft: Education Edition.

If your child loves Minecraft, like so many do, this is big news! Microsoft recently announced Minecraft: Educational Edition, designed specifically for use within schools. By design, Minecraft, offers many opportunities for learning. Kids are creative, as they build whatever they can dream up in a three dimensional space, but there is much more going… Continue Reading

YouTube soon to release a kids’ app!

I was thrilled when I read this article on CNET today, announcing that YouTube is soon to release a new app just for kids' content. There are some amazing things on YouTube, including our own great channel (Smart Apps For Kids on YouTube) and demo video queen Ellie's toy unboxing video channel (EllieV Toys on… Continue Reading

8 Girl-Power Apps for Young Kids

What do you think of this list of apps from Common Sense Media? I have to admit that my 7 year old daughter seeks out videos over anything else, even the Angry Birds toons without ever playing the game. I deleted one My Little Pony app today, because she never read the comics, instead just watching… Continue Reading

How to get a refund from Apple for the $4,897 your kid spent on in-app purchases you didn’t know about

So, remember when we told you a while back about how Apple is willing to refund your money if your little snowflake made a bunch of in-app purchases you didn't authorize? The problem at that time was that we didn't know HOW those refunds were going to take place. Well, now we do. Continue Reading

The Jellybean Tunes App Report 105: Become a Mini Monet

Spur your child's creativity with the weekly challenges in Mini Monet. Personalize the characters in the story with I Imagine. Explore Honalee with Puff the Magic Dragon. Learn printing, spell words from the middle ages, and paint a princess ballerina with apps this week from our family-friendly developers. Please take a moment to read the… Continue Reading

Featured App: News-O-Matic (Plus a $30 iTunes Giveaway!)

News-O-Matic, which got a 4.5 star review from our Emilie, is a free news app geared towards children. The app helps teach about the world around them by presenting news and current events in a child-appropriate fashion. Since our original review there have been multiple updates and improvements, with one of the more recent ones adding… Continue Reading

Featured App: News-O-Matic — Daily Newspaper for Kids — Discounted Today Only!

Do your children watch the news? While many kids may not be interested in watching the news, not awake or around when it is on or not allowed to watch it because of some stories that are covered, it's a wonderful nonfiction reading source for children. Press4Kids has made News-O-Matic to give children access to… Continue Reading