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Review: Patchmania KIDS gets FIVE STARS for fun!

Review: Patchmania KIDS gets FIVE STARS for fun!

Bottom Line: Patchmania Kids has delivered on fun without being sneaky about cost, links or purpose. This is an adorable logic-based game that is simple to learn and challenging to master for kids of all ages including middle-aged adults that might have trouble setting the game down to write a review. If you would like… Continue Reading

Gotta get Back in Time with this amazing app from Landka

I really wish I were Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I feel like that's what it would take to do justice to Back in Time by Landka Apps. This beautiful app gives you the history of . . . well . . . everything, and it really seems like something our friend Neil should know about. It's an overwhelming… Continue Reading

Big sale for News-O-Matic! Don’t miss out!

Just in time for March Madness! Get a never-ending subscription to News-O-Matic for just $4.99! (It is normally $19.99.) Emilie gave News-O-Matic 4.5 stars. Read her full review here. If you would like to download News-O-Matic (free with in-app subscription purchases, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Kids by using our link:     Also… Continue Reading

Top Ten Ways to Survive Snow Days (As told by a Mom on the edge.)

Winter. What started as a four-day weekend turned into a ginormous blob of unending time home from school for my three kids because of winter. I don't even know what day it is or when I last had a shower. They have been home since last Thursday and according to the all-knowing computer, it's Friday… Continue Reading

Featured App: Jiji’s Art and Buzz Machine is a multi-use, multi-functional family app

Jiji's Art & Buzz Machine is a new way for your family to keep in touch with friends and loved ones by sharing artwork and personal messages through the app itself or through social networks. Your kids can each have their own accounts to share their creations with family and friends. This free app offers… Continue Reading

Wish yourself a happy Valentine’s Day with these top 10 apps to keep your heart healthy!

February brings Valentine’s Day, which also brings talk of love and bright glittery hearts plastered on almost everything. Taking a little different spin on the month, I decided to put together a list of apps not about Valentines but about hearts. From eating healthy to exercise, here are the top 10 apps to help keep… Continue Reading