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New Top Pick! Table It! is amazing for education, including special ed!

New Top Pick! Table It! is amazing for education, including special ed!

Bottom Line: Table It! is an amazing app like none I’ve ever seen. Along with 34 editable sample tables, the user can make an unlimited number of tables to organize any information desired. Make a table schedule, organize information from history class, make a data set in math, create a table for personal information or… Continue Reading

Review: Back Soon – Parents’ Vacation can help children deal with the absence of a parent

    Bottom Line: Back Soon – Parent’s Vacation is a book app that can help children deal with the worry when a parent has to be away from them. From reassuring them about who will take care of them to helping them count down the days, this little app can help a child find… Continue Reading

Top 15 Free Apps for Learning Emotions (for iOS and Android)

Before I had kids, I just assumed that people came pre-wired when it came to knowing emotions. If someone is crying, they are sad. If someone is smiling, they are happy. However, for many children this can be a difficult concept. I have a good friend that was a teacher and is now a stay-at-home… Continue Reading

Elmo is a new Top Pick! Because really, who doesn’t love Elmo?

    Bottom Line: Elmo Loves You is a pop-up book in app form filled with our favorite Sesame Street characters and some of the things they love. Don’t fool yourself, though; calling it a pop-up book doesn’t do it justice. Your preschooler will delight in discovering everything going on in each scene. And of… Continue Reading

Best interactive learning app for preschoolers: Leo’s Pad Appisode 6 is a new Top Pick!

    Bottom Line: Simply one of the best apps there is for kids up to age six. It’s also appropriate for older kids through about age 8 who are still targeting the skills in this app, since it’s not “babyish” in any way. This newest appisode targets problem-solving skills, impulse control, fine motor skills… Continue Reading