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Featured App: The Sounding Out Machine is a wonderful tool for young readers!

Featured App: The Sounding Out Machine is a wonderful tool for young readers!

The Sounding Out Machine is designed to help children isolate and read challenging words on a page of text. By helping kids break down and sound out words, using technology that is now second nature to our children, the Sounding Out Machine becomes a teaching tool that students can use independently. What a gift to… Continue Reading

Blue Planet Tales is now available on a subscription basis! Get access to ALL of their wonderful books at one low price.

I've been a long-time fan of Blue Planet Tales. These exciting storybook apps never fail to entertain my kids while teaching them something along the way. I've been collecting the individual tales and building up our library, but I always find that there are additional stories in their collection that I want too. So imagine… Continue Reading

FREE innovative app for literacy! Bam Boomerang is a must-download for teachers and parents!

When I find a great reading app, I get almost giddy. When it’s also free, I might even squeal. And when I find out it’s completely free, with NO in-app purchases, I insist everyone I know download it right now. So that means if you’re reading this post, you kind of know me, and you… Continue Reading

Gotta get Back in Time with this amazing app from Landka

I really wish I were Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I feel like that's what it would take to do justice to Back in Time by Landka Apps. This beautiful app gives you the history of . . . well . . . everything, and it really seems like something our friend Neil should know about. It's an overwhelming… Continue Reading

National Giraffic is a terrific app to learn geography!

Learn the countries, capitals and flags for six different continents with the fun giraffe in National Giraffic. Learn where countries are located on their continent by dropping them down with the shadow to guide. This is a great visual task for kids, and it also helps them understand how to read maps and identify countries by their… Continue Reading

Good Free App of the Day: LaLa Breakfast – Fun breakfast planning for kids and their parents

Does planning breakfast make you stressed out first thing in the morning? Even if breakfast is more peaceful in your house, this app is a lot of fun! LaLa Breakfasthelps you plan out breakfast for everyone in the family. Each family member sets up a monster avatar and color, then “feeds” the monster food in four… Continue Reading

Featured App: OctoPlus — practice addition underwater in this fun learning app!

Have you ever had a dream of learning addition underwater? It's surprisingly fun to do! Join an octopus and some turtles to practice addition math facts in a creative way. OctoPlus is a math adaptation of Turtle Invaders, a 2014 Gold Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award for Best in Family-Friendly Products. This app was… Continue Reading

Featured App: Avaz Together helps parents help their kids learn AAC and communication!

Learning Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) can be an intimidating process for kids and parents. Not only do users have to learn how the app works, but also what is contained in all the folders and how to implement its use in daily life. Every learner likes a hand-hold and thankfully, Avaz, Inc. has reached… Continue Reading

Featured App: OctoPlus is a switch accessible math app that’s fun for all

Like many kids, my son LOVES all things ocean and sea life. When I showed him OctoPlus he took to it like, well, a fish to water. In this entertaining math app, kids get to play as an octopus and squirt ink to practice math problems. With two modes of play and adjustable settings, this… Continue Reading

Featured App: Another great app for SLPs! Follow directions with One Step Two Step!

This app helps children with listening skills and following directions. Packed with 20 different popular scenes, children can color and create great looking scenes by following the directions within. Parents are encouraged to also give their own directions to kids to make even more elaborate scenes. You can even score as children are following directions… Continue Reading