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Good Free App of the Day: Math Racer 3.0! Save $8 for a limited time!

I hadn't seen Math Racer 3.0 until it went on sale, but I'm glad I found it! It's a great app for math facts fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app can be used for single facts, for addition/subtraction together and multiplication/division together, or all facts mixed. In school, students with 1:1 devices… Continue Reading

New Top Pick for math! Learn to convert word problems to equations with Math Shake

    Bottom Line: A math app that truly does what no other apps out there can do: make sense out of word problems. Designed for kids ages 6-14, Math Shake walks users through the process of converting a word problem into an equation, and even allows them to record their thinking as they work… Continue Reading

Best math apps for kids: Milk Hunt is fast-paced and fun, and sneaks in some learning too!

    Bottom Line: Help Kando the Kangaroo as he goes on a quest to find more milk. Hop across Australia collecting milk bottles and other prizes. Solve math problems along the way to win more milk points. The combination of adventure game with math practice keeps this game interesting for little learners. Continue Reading

Best math apps: Beyond Cats! Grade 2 Math Standards is a fun sequel to the Grade 1 version

    Bottom Line: Beyond Cats! Grade 2 Math Standards — Practice Common Core Math for 2nd Graders is a math app that offers your child a fun way to practice the math skills required for 2nd grade. Multiple accounts can be set up to track all of the kids in your family or classroom. All of the… Continue Reading

Best Elementary School Apps: TeachMe: Third Grade allows kids to practice grade-level skills in a fun way

    Bottom Line: TeachMe: Third Grade, the final app in 24x7digital's TeachMe series, continues with the same format as TeachMe: Second Grade, broadening a bit into grade-appropriate skills. While it is still a consistently solid app with tons of content, I would have liked to see the presentation and functionality of it grow along with the… Continue Reading

Good Free App of the Day: SEVEN McGraw-Hill apps for math, history and English reduced for a limited time!

McGraw-Hill is a household name and it has set several apps to FREE to celebrate Digital Learning Day! We picked the best to showcase here that help elementary students with math, grammar and American history. All subjects that kids happily study and never, ever argue about doing for homework in a land called "Not My… Continue Reading

Featured App: Division For Kids — Practice and Quiz on Long Division

Math is one of those skills where kids seem to either get it or struggle with it. Division for Kids by Internet Design Zone allows children, both math enthusiasts and those having a hard time, to practice and become comfortable with the process of long division. The practice section of the app breaks down simple and… Continue Reading

Featured App: Math Duel — Two-Player Split Screen Mathematical Game for Kids and Adults!

It's time to brush up on math facts and challenge your friends and family to a duel. This is not just any duel, though—it's a two-person split screen math challenge! Practice facts independently in the one person mode while finding an opponent to challenge. When you are confident and ready to go, set the individual… Continue Reading