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Review: Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages — like a mini math textbook on your mobile device

    Bottom Line: If you're looking for an app that covers fractions, decimals and percentages (and the relationships between all three) then this is the app you need. Great for teachers and homeschoolers, Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages clearly explains how these math concepts work and then gives children a chance to test their… Continue Reading

Top Ten Apps for Common Core State Standards: Math

If you work in education, chances are good you know exactly what CCSS stands for! However, knowing exactly what to do with those Common Core State Standards is another thing entirely. Many states begin implementation this fall, and educators everywhere are trying to figure out what this means for their lesson plans. Indiana jumped on… Continue Reading

BuzzMath Middle School: Review

      Bottom Line: a whopping 2800 common core aligned middle school math problems presented in a variety of formats for Free. You won't need any number sense to figure out the absolute value of this deal. Continue Reading

iTooch Middle School: Review

    Bottom Line: A quiz-style app that may be useful for parents and teachers, but might not be motivating enough for students. A few areas need improvement, but it's Free to try all seven content strands! Continue Reading

Good Free Apps of the Week – AppTutor for Grades K-5

You know StudyPad makers of Splash Math and eduPad makers of iTooch Math. Now welcome Padstar to the SAFK family. Today we have all seven of their math apps free for teacher appreciation week. That's one app free for each day of the week hence our first GFAOTW. These are regularly $3.99 each so save… Continue Reading

Match-Up Math

    In Match-Up Math, children must match tiles with equal values in order to make them disappear. For example, 2+2 can be matched with a tile that says 4 or one that says 3+1. When all the tiles are cleared, the player moves on to the next level. The difficulty increases as the player progresses… Continue Reading