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Review: ZyroMath City Count is a counting app for all abilities.

    ZyroMath City Count makes learning to count by ones and tens fun for children ages six to eight regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. Parents and teachers will also love what this app has to offer from custom settings for gameplay to switch accessory compatibility and tracking of progress for multiple users. Continue Reading

Let’s Count 123! Best Numbers Learning Game for Kids

Aren't penguins the cutest things ever? I especially love them in the middle of a hot summer, when they remind me to appreciate the heat because winter is coming. These cute penguins also help toddlers learn to count in the brand new Let's Count 123! Best Numbers Learning Game for Kids! The penguin (named Penguin),… Continue Reading

Review: Grandma’s Preschool lets kids play and explore in a learning environment

      Bottom Line:  Grandma’s Preschool lets kids explore and play in a preschool classroom while learning letters, numbers, shapes and more. This is a perfect app for any preschool age child — though I did catch my seven year old son enjoying it as well. Continue Reading

Featured App: OctoPlus is a switch accessible math app that’s fun for all

Like many kids, my son LOVES all things ocean and sea life. When I showed him OctoPlus he took to it like, well, a fish to water. In this entertaining math app, kids get to play as an octopus and squirt ink to practice math problems. With two modes of play and adjustable settings, this… Continue Reading

TouchMath Adventure: Jungle Edition is on sale through the end of March!

TouchMath Adventure: Jungle Edition, winner of a 2015 Parents' Choice Recommended Award for educational apps, introduces kids to a fun touching/counting technique. This approach has been used globally for nearly four decades and can provide a tangible method of learning counting and math skills for children of all ability levels. This app is on sale… Continue Reading

Freshly Updated! Top 100 Completely FREE Apps for Preschoolers! No In-App Purchases!

Phew! This is the list to end all lists if I do say so myself! After the hours and hours and then a few more hours put into getting this list together, I feel confident in that statement. Two of the biggest requests we get from our readers are preschool apps and apps without in-app… Continue Reading

Review: Up to 100 — explore numbers and place value with six activities

  Bottom line: Inspired by the Montessori method, this app provides learning through exploration. It contains six different activities to explore the numbers 0-100 and place value. Easy to navigate and designed for children from 4 to 7 years old. Great for learning, but not as entertaining for kids as a highly engaging game app. Continue Reading

Is it possible for one of our favorite apps to get even better? Yep. Bugs & Buttons is new and improved

    Bottom Line: Is it possible to give an app more than five stars? The folks at Cupcake Digital have revamped Bugs & Buttons, making it prettier, faster, and (inconceivably) better. I wouldn't have thought there was any room for improvement, but they've given us something that makes most other kids' apps pale in comparison.… Continue Reading

New Top Pick: Too Many Teddy Bears brings cuddly learning fun to preschoolers

    Bottom Line: A well-animated app that targets six areas of pre-learning skills geared towards toddlers and preschoolers. Multiple levels of play in each area, as well as unique ares not targeted in typical apps in the same arena.  Continue Reading