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Review- Animals: Colors & Games for toddlers

Review- Animals: Colors & Games for toddlers

Bottom Line: Although it’s nothing boldly original, Animals: Colors & Games visits all the traditional learning tools for toddlers including coloring farm and zoo animals as well as simple games for reinforcing color identification. If you would like to download this app, please support Smart Apps for Kids by using this handy download button we’ve… Continue Reading

Safari Tales is a gigantic African adventure and one of our new Top Picks!

    Bottom line:  Safari Tales is the latest offering from Kuato, the same developer that brought us Dino Tales. This time Safari Tales brings your kids on an African adventure seen through the eyes of five adorable baby animals. Guiding you on the escapades is Darwin the meerkat, ready to answer any questions that… Continue Reading

Review: Grandma’s Preschool lets kids play and explore in a learning environment

      Bottom Line:  Grandma’s Preschool lets kids explore and play in a preschool classroom while learning letters, numbers, shapes and more. This is a perfect app for any preschool age child — though I did catch my seven year old son enjoying it as well. Continue Reading

Get ready for spring with Max & Ruby’s Bunny Bake Off!

Just in time for spring, the folks at Cupcake Digital have released Max & Ruby’s Bunny Bake Off, a delightful app full of our favorite bunnies and their usual antics. This time we are baking in preparation for Easter. Would you rather have Ruby’s Chocolate Chip Cookies or Max’s Ant and Acorn Pancakes? Silly Max!… Continue Reading

Featured App: Candy Town Kindergarten is a learning game for your little one! It’s free to download!

Join us at Candy Town Kindergarten where we can play 11 different mini games all while practicing skills like counting, patterns and matching. This app is FREE to download and play. Your little one will be enchanted by the cute characters and bright, engaging gameplay. And there’s a bonus game at the end to reward… Continue Reading

Is it possible for one of our favorite apps to get even better? Yep. Bugs & Buttons is new and improved

    Bottom Line: Is it possible to give an app more than five stars? The folks at Cupcake Digital have revamped Bugs & Buttons, making it prettier, faster, and (inconceivably) better. I wouldn't have thought there was any room for improvement, but they've given us something that makes most other kids' apps pale in comparison.… Continue Reading

New Top Pick: Too Many Teddy Bears brings cuddly learning fun to preschoolers

    Bottom Line: A well-animated app that targets six areas of pre-learning skills geared towards toddlers and preschoolers. Multiple levels of play in each area, as well as unique ares not targeted in typical apps in the same arena.  Continue Reading

Review: Go on a learning adventure with Pacca Alpaca

    Bottom Line: Go on an adventure to Australia with an adorable South American camelid. Using his magical merry-go-round, Pacca the Alpaca travels from his homeland to take a learning trek across Australia. Your preschooler can practice colors, numbers, and shapes as they journey across Australia with this colorful alpaca. Continue Reading

Keep your little ones entertained on a rainy day with Peppa’s Activity Maker! FREE!

    Bottom line:  Peppa’s Activity Maker is a handy tool to help plan fun projects and activities for kids and parents. From nifty craft projects to outdoor exploration, there is something fun for everyone. Peppa Pig fans will delight in this app, but even those unfamiliar with Peppa will love being able to find… Continue Reading

Best apps for preschoolers: Preschool Learning has enough content to keep your little iDevice users busy for DAYS

    Bottom Line: An app with a seemingly endless amount of content for your preschooler. Ebooks, songs, videos, puzzles and games will keep little ones occupied and learning for hours. Some content is free; the rest can be unlocked for an in-app purchase of $2.99. Try before you buy — some of the activities are… Continue Reading