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FREE innovative app for literacy! Bam Boomerang is a must-download for teachers and parents!

When I find a great reading app, I get almost giddy. When it’s also free, I might even squeal. And when I find out it’s completely free, with NO in-app purchases, I insist everyone I know download it right now. So that means if you’re reading this post, you kind of know me, and you… Continue Reading

Good Free Apps of the Day: Nine completely free book apps!

I was browsing the app store looking for good new apps when I happened upon some apps from developer Intuary. These book apps are great for kids learning history, featuring the stories of Harriet Tubman and Jackie Robinson. Informational text is a critical piece of today's education system, too. Then I found out they have… Continue Reading

Good Free Apps of the Day — SEVEN amazing book apps from You Tell Me Stories!

I have used a few of the app books from You Tell Me Stories, but I never connected that there were SEVEN great apps! They have recently all gone FREE, but we don't know how long this will last. Save $23 on all seven apps, with no hidden in-app purchases, they're currently completely free! They're… Continue Reading

Best apps for math: The Counting Kingdom is a Top Pick for addition and problem solving! *REDUCED for a limited time!*

    Bottom Line: A very well designed app to target math and math problem solving skills for kids ages 6-8, but fun for older kids, too. Monsters with numbers are combined to equal the sum on a spell card. Potions can be used to manipulate the monster numbers, and any number of combinations is… Continue Reading

Review: Blue Planet Tales recounts Davy Crockett’s story with historical accuracy! Get this story for FREE for a limited time!

    Bottom Line: Blue Planet Tales is a good option for an app taking on informational text. Davy Crockett is historically sound, not sugar-coating the actual events, both with Native Americans and the Mexican-American war. There are comprehension questions integrated into the app, too, making this e-book a rare combination of informational text with… Continue Reading

Review: Reinforce good grammar and spelling with Grammar Hammer 7-10

    Bottom Line: A grammar and spelling app for kids ages 7-10 that gets all the grammar right, but may lose its audience with too much text and a format that’s too much like school. Covers 14 Common Core standards and may be good for classroom use. Continue Reading

Best math apps: Beyond Cats! Grade 2 Math Standards is a fun sequel to the Grade 1 version

    Bottom Line: Beyond Cats! Grade 2 Math Standards — Practice Common Core Math for 2nd Graders is a math app that offers your child a fun way to practice the math skills required for 2nd grade. Multiple accounts can be set up to track all of the kids in your family or classroom. All of the… Continue Reading

Top 10 Apps for Kindergarten: The Best of the Best!

People often ask us here at Smart Apps For Kids to make a list of the best apps for <fill in the blank> grade. It's such a hard list to make, given the sheer number of good apps out there. However, we decided it's time to try, so here is my list for the must-have… Continue Reading

Newly updated!! ToDo Math is all-new and still fabulous

    Bottom line: A fabulous math app for your special needs or young elementary-aged child. Since we first reviewed ToDo K-2 Math Practice, it has evolved to an app with a new name and even more math. The new ToDo Math is built on the same basic premise with math activities that can be completed… Continue Reading

Best apps for elementary math: playMath addition subtraction is fun for all

    Bottom Line: This app takes addition and subtraction practice far beyond just flashcards. The games are fun and great for problem-solving in math for first and second graders (suggested ages: 7-9 years old). The multiplayer games are a real strength, challenging and fun for even my husband and me (yes, we play math… Continue Reading