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New Top Pick Review: More or Less helps kids learn and practice addition and subtraction without distractions

    Bottom Line: There are tons of math apps available, but anyone looking for a customizable addition/subtraction app need look no further than More or Less : Learn Addition and Subtraction. This simple, yet fun app will work with children from those learning the basic concept of addition to older children as they learn more… Continue Reading

Good Free App of the Day: Math Racer 3.0! Save $8 for a limited time!

I hadn't seen Math Racer 3.0 until it went on sale, but I'm glad I found it! It's a great app for math facts fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app can be used for single facts, for addition/subtraction together and multiplication/division together, or all facts mixed. In school, students with 1:1 devices… Continue Reading

Featured App: OctoPlus — practice addition underwater in this fun learning app!

Have you ever had a dream of learning addition underwater? It's surprisingly fun to do! Join an octopus and some turtles to practice addition math facts in a creative way. OctoPlus is a math adaptation of Turtle Invaders, a 2014 Gold Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award for Best in Family-Friendly Products. This app was… Continue Reading

From Smart Apps for Special Needs: OctoPlus is a top math app for early addition facts! Great for special needs, switch accessible!

Bottom Line: A game-style app for basic addition fact fluency drill. Somewhat influenced by speed but not in an overwhelming way, this game is the best option I’ve seen for timed drill. Marketed for special needs, it’s even switch accessible and provides leveled practice for math addition facts 0-10, in a way much more appealing… Continue Reading

Review: Ten fingers + is a Top Pick for preschool math and number concepts

    Bottom Line: Another great app featuring Montessori concepts from Marbotic, this one designed for preschool students. Turn off multitasking gestures on the iPad and preschoolers can explore objects, numerals and even simple addition. It’s a fun way to explore number sense for the youngest iPad users. Continue Reading

Good Free Apps of the Day: ELEVEN completely free apps from Lipa Apps! Android, too!

I've used a few of the Lipa apps from Lipa Learning, but I somehow missed that there are 11 that are completely FREE! These apps educational and well designed with a great interface. They're designed for preschoolers, but have some great aspects for early elementary, too. Definitely check out these 11 FREE apps! There are… Continue Reading

Best apps for math: The Counting Kingdom is a Top Pick for addition and problem solving! *REDUCED for a limited time!*

    Bottom Line: A very well designed app to target math and math problem solving skills for kids ages 6-8, but fun for older kids, too. Monsters with numbers are combined to equal the sum on a spell card. Potions can be used to manipulate the monster numbers, and any number of combinations is… Continue Reading

New Top Pick for math! Learn to convert word problems to equations with Math Shake

    Bottom Line: A math app that truly does what no other apps out there can do: make sense out of word problems. Designed for kids ages 6-14, Math Shake walks users through the process of converting a word problem into an equation, and even allows them to record their thinking as they work… Continue Reading