Your Facebook Like button just got more complicated.

Your Facebook Like button just got more complicated.

We’ve been hearing about it coming for a while and after testing and gossiping and waiting…it’s finally here. There’s a new way to respond to Facebook posts without having to actually spell anything, which is probably a very good thing for some folks and a little more pressure for those of us that are now forced to squash our feelings into six little categories.

Facebook is rolling out the new options as I write this and here’s what you have to look forward to: facebook2

  1. The regular “like” button that says, “Hey, I saw your post.”
  2. The “love” button that tells others that you want to marry them or possibly that you think the baby/puppy/drawing/joke is cute.
  3. The third choice in line looks like it means, “HAHAHAHAHAHA”. Let me go see if that’s correct. It has more professional name, but I’m sticking with what I wrote.
  4. Fourth in line is “Wow” or “I can not believe that happened.”
  5. Crying face is fifth in line. For really sad stuff that calls for tears and an emoticon.
  6. The last option is the hot-headed angry face that I bet we will see a lot of in political posts. The presidential campaign on Facebook has just gotten more entertaining. Nothing will show displeasure more than angry face!

There are a bunch of posts rolling across the internet right now with takes on how these little icons will affect our Facebook communications, so have a look and let us know what you think!




CynthiaCynthia knows her Facebook feed will be very entertaining today hearing about the love and hate of the new button. “HAHAHA face”

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