Review- Pocket Family: My Fun Dreamhouse sucked this reviewer in like Farmville and Candy Crush.

Review- Pocket Family: My Fun Dreamhouse sucked this reviewer in like Farmville and Candy Crush.

Bottom Line: With no parental controls in place, in-app purchases and third-party ads, this app is most definitely for the oldest kids we review for and as it turns out, this 44 year-old app reviewer that can barely stop watching her little people running around to write this post. Oh look! Another coin!

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6a00e398228361883301b7c81b2f49970b-200wiThis app has third-party ads, in-app purchases and external links with no parent-protection.

Our friend Philip got to play with his very own dream home. Have a look below:

mypocketfamily1My Pocket Family: My Fun Dream House is a time-management game where users build additions to their homes while adding family members and items that earn money and experience points that help them level-up. This game is adorable, but not recommended for youngsters who are not old enough to have the iTunes password or have their own Facebook account. When the app is first used a tutorial walks players through all of the areas while performing tasks that complete level one. Users are given a house, one room, coins and hearts to begin and can add to all of them by completing tasks with each level.
Experience is earned by completing tasks, building rooms and tapping family members who have a coin over their heads. Coins are timed differently for each family member and interactive item, so this makes the game easy to visit and leave as many times as desired and as long or short as a teen wants.

With coins, users can buy rooms which take time to build and then decorate those rooms with wallpaper, flooring and household items like plants, posters, backgrounds, tables and chairs.
The higher the level, the more items and rooms are opened. When there is no more room, kids can apply for a permit to add on to the home from the sides or top of the house. This is also a timed activity that costs coins. Hearts are used for specialty items in the store (like premium rooms and outfits) and for speeding up the process of permits or room building.

In addition to decorating the home, users can also spin the wheel with earned tokens to earn coins or clothing items for family members. There is an album located in the lower right of the screen where users can flip though and learn about the people that live with them. Each has a job, age and favorite quote as well as the ability to change into new outfits
that have been won in the daily spins. There is also a settings button has links for support, language, social media, notification settings and resetting the game.

Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing an app for older kids. The app had no bugs while I fiddled with all of the buttons and settings. Pocket Family is made well and
even though the women in my home seem to only like to clean, belly-dance and jazzercise, I’m holding out hope that future females will be lawyers, doctors and scientists. There are two main reasons this app is not recommended for young users, third-party ads and external links. Normally I can’t stand ads in any form, but this app has set them up as a way to earn coins and hearts for the game instead of flashing them as a banner along the bottom of the play area. In the upper right corner a button that says “ad” along with the number of hearts or coins available to be earned are shown. Users watch the short ads in full, then earn that reward. If users have a Facebook account, linking the game is a way to gain neighbors and complete tasks as well as earn coins. It may not be time well-spent, but I think entertainment has its place and this app fits the bill.


CynthiaCynthia needs more Pocket Family neighbors. *Smart Apps for Kids was paid a priority review fee for this post.

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