Review: My Town: Stores lets your child take a virtual trip to town

Review: My Town: Stores lets your child take a virtual trip to town

Bottom line: My Town: Stores is the newest offering from the folks at My Town Games LTD, bringing their world of play out for a day on the town. Your little one can enjoy a day at the shops with all of the characters in their virtual dollhouse.

If you’d like to purchase My Town: Stores ($2.99, iPad/iPhone), please use the handy little link we’ve prepared for you.

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stores1My Town: Stores follows all of our friends from My Town as they spend a day in town. Shop for clothing or groceries, or grab a snack at the sweet shoppe. For even more refreshment, stop in and visit the friendly food truck vendor. Your kiddo can do all of the things you might do on a real trip to town.

My Town: Stores stays true to the other apps in the My Town family, with the same paper doll feel and various activities. We have the same family-type characters from previous games, along with some new shopkeepers that are designed to fit in with the town theme. You can move each of these characters to various parts of the town and accessorize them with different props and clothing. Along the way you can earn stars until you collect enough to get a reward.

stores2There are several shops for your child to enjoy:

  • Clothing boutique – change your character’s wardrobe to anything from super casual shorts and tees to a fancy dress with a pirate hat. Bonus: when clothing is discarded, it lands folded neatly on the floor. How can I make this happen at my house?
  • Supermarket – shop for everything from fresh produce to frozen foods. There are even toys available at checkout for those last minute impulse buys.
  • Sweet shoppe – If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the place for you. Kids can make ice cream cones or spin cotton candy. There is even a chocolate fountain to dip their treats in.

Besides the main shops, there is a food truck available for refreshments along with lots of outdoor seating for our little friends to enjoy. There are things to do outside of the shops like ride a fancy unicorn or get money from an ATM.

Watch this app in action here:

What I liked:

  • The shops were cute and should hold universal appeal with activities that every child can relate to.
  • I love stress-free, free play apps that encourage children to use their imaginations.

stores3What I liked less:

My Town: Stores is a perfectly nice “virtual playhouse”-type app. I’m just afraid that there aren’t enough unique elements to set them apart. I found myself wanting some of the activities to expand, perhaps something like having a more detailed costuming option in the clothing store or a mini-game to create a fancy ice cream sundae in the sweet shoppe.
We did have some difficulty getting characters to pick up and/or hold things if we didn’t place the item in exactly the right spot. For some reason this was particularly an issue when playing on our iPad mini rather than the larger iPad. Perhaps the target areas could be enlarged to help avoid the frustrations this can cause.

Overall, My Town: Stores is a fine virtual playhouse-type app, but as I’ve stated regarding some of their previous apps, I am afraid that it might get lost in an already crowded market if they don’t find a way to set themselves apart. I just wish they could find that little something extra to give themselves a niche. 4 stars.


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