Review: Hello Spring welcomes the end of winter

Review: Hello Spring welcomes the end of winter


Bottom line: Hello Spring from Clapenjoy  is a sweet new app aimed at the preschool set that let them follow along with a little rabbit friend as his little spring meadow wakes up for Spring. Play along as flowers bloom and plants grow and little animals of Spring are born.

If you’d like to purchase Hello Spring (iPad/iPhone, $1.99), please use the handy link below so they’ll know how you found them.


hellospring1In Hello Spring from Clapenjoy, little users play along with a little bunny friend as he starts to get ready for Spring. At the beginning of play, he sheds his winter sweater to show that Spring has finally sprung and that he is ready for all that comes with it.

Little users can follow along with visual directions to perform activities and collect rewards. Help a tree burst into bloom by stroking the blossoms. Help your bunny friend dig holes in the garden in preparation to plant vegetable seeds that you will choose. Chase a little worm as he pops in and out of your freshly dug garden. Watch some little eggs hatch into baby birds in a sign that Spring is really here.

As each activity is complete, your little one is rewarded with a beaker full of color. At first I kept thinking these were some kind of potion and was really curious what they would be for. It turns out that they are coloring for Easter eggs – another sure sign that Spring is here.

Watch Phillip bring this app to life here:

hellospring2What I liked:

Cute characters. Nice artwork. Good functionality.
Parents could use activities in this app to talk to their preschools about how much of nature awakens in the Spring.
I like the idea of the rewards that you collect being coloring for the eggs. If you were offered the option to color eggs sooner it would be more fun for the preschool set, though.

hellospring3What I liked less:

My biggest complaint here is that you don’t appear to retain any progress from prior play when you re-enter the app. As this app seems to play through in the exact same order every time, with no option to jump to other sections, this is a recipe for boredom from repetition. Unless your child has plenty of uninterrupted screen time, there are likely to be activities in this app that they might never see.
I wish that there had been some verbal narration or instruction. “This is Larry the Bunny, let’s help him welcome Spring” might help create more interest. (I have no idea what the bunny’s name is, but he looks like a Larry to me.) While there are visual prompts that make it obvious what task needs to be performed at that moment, at times younger children might not understand how it is all going to tie together and a little narrative could help that.

Overall, Hello Spring is a sweet little app with lots of activities that should charm members of the preschool set. They might lose patience, though, at the forced repetition that is created by the progress not being retained in subsequent play-throughs. 4 stars.


KelliCartoonKelli never can remember if it means more winter or less winter when the groundhog sees his shadow. Smart Apps for Kids was paid a fee to review this app in a priority manner.

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