Peppa Pig brings fun to learning about seasons with Peppa’s Seasons: Autumn and Winter!

Peppa Pig brings fun to learning about seasons with Peppa’s Seasons: Autumn and Winter!

Bottom Line: Peppa Pig is always fun, and this app provides fun embedded with learning games. Help kids learn about seasons with Peppa and friends. It’s currently a large app with longer load time, but worth clearing off space on the device for Peppa-loving kids.

Spend time with sweet Peppa as she helps kids learn about seasons. Use our download link to support Smart Apps For Kids! (iPad/iPhone, $2.99)

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Peppa2Peppa Pig has managed to do it again! I’m charmed with this brand new app, and I can’t wait to share it with all of our readers. In Peppa’s Seasons: Autumn and Winter, we join Peppa as she and her family learn about seasons. There are so many fun ways to interact with this app, with multiple mini games and short video clips throughout the app.

When first playing, the user is directed to choose a kite avatar. On subsequent play, the progress and “data” (the stickers earned by the user) are saved with that kite, with up to 4 users per device. This is a fun feature for families with multiple Peppa-loving kids. I chose a turtle kite for my avatar, and there are plenty of fun choices.

After choosing an avatar and watching the first short video, the user finds the game screen. The slider along the side changes the weather from autumn to winter, which is a fun game all by itself. There are four games to choose from, with multiple options in each choice.

Peppa3My favorite game was picking fruit, the first game choice. After selecting fruit picking and watching a short video clip, the user then chooses where to pick: trees, bushes, or fruit and vegetable patch. After picking the desired fruit, it’s time to make jam, juice or a cake. In each location, there are three choices of fruit to pick, too, making for numerous combinations in this game.

I loved some of the features in this section. When the user chooses juice and presses the red button on the blender, the iPhone actually vibrates.

Snowman making is also fun (and the only kind of snowman we seem to get this warm winter). There are three snowman choices, and then multiple options to decorate each snowman. Mr. Bull can look like he normally looks, or have a carrot hat and a silly face.

Peppa4The toboggan game is a little simpler, just requiring the user to choose a favorite toboggan color and slide down the hill. However, choosing either Peppa or Jack to slide adds to the fun, and there’s a surprise if Daddy Pig gets chosen as the toboggan, too. I also liked the fourth game, allowing the user to walk through both a fall scene and a winter scene and explore the environment. It’s a great way to really see more about what each season is like.

The sticker album is a fun little place to store all the stickers earned from every game play. The little stickers are moveable, so it’s also a game in and of itself–it’s fun to move them around and tell stories with the stickers, too.

Pappa5My only complaint with this app is that the size of it is quite large. At 1.1 GB, it’s the largest app on my iPhone, and larger than most of my speech-language therapy apps on my iPad. It also loads pretty slowly between screens, though a cute little porcupine on the screen eases that pain a little bit. It would also be helpful to have a button to return all the way to home, instead of just the back button, which requires traveling through all of the multiple levels to choose a different game.

Overall, this is a smart app, perfect for preschoolers through early elementary kids. My 8 year old daughter still loves Peppa Pig, and she was thrilled to see it on the iPad. A smaller app size and faster load time would make this app even better, but as is it’s a wonderful addition to the app store, fun for learning about seasons and highly recommended.


HeatherHWhile Heather wrote this review, someone finally switched to winter, and it started snowing.

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