Top App for AAC: Avaz Pro gets even better with new update! Save $100 for a limited time!

Top App for AAC: Avaz Pro gets even better with new update! Save $100 for a limited time!

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Bottom Line: Somehow, Avaz Pro has gotten even better. This full AAC app now includes the amazing content from Avaz Together, helping kids and adults learn Avaz and picture-based communication together. With great tips for communication as well as the incredible library of Avaz, this app is a fine way to help the right user learn to communicate. 

Start the journey toward increased communication today! Simply use our link to download Avaz Pro ($199.99, iPad only) FOR OCTOBER ONLY: Save 50% for AAC Awareness month! Only $99.99!

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Back in April, I reviewed Avaz Together and gave it 5 stars. I loved the method for teaching Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), as well as the parent tips. Avaz, always a favorite with us here at Smart Apps For Kids, has taken it one step further with the amazing features of Avaz Together and integrated them right into the full version of Avaz Pro!

AvazWhat this means is that parents, teachers and therapists can now purchase one app to access all of these great features!  This is a great update to the already great app. Plus, Avaz Pro is currently 50% off for AAC Awareness month, so read on to learn more, but don’t wait too long!

One of the best things about this new update is how easy it is to use. Avaz Pro, as Rachel mentioned in her previous review, is exceptionally easy to get up and running. There’s a quick video tutorial pointing out several features, and after watching I felt ready to take on the app. I chose my app to be customized for a user brand new to picture communication. This selects a few settings immediately, including picture size, board size and voice. However, these settings can be changed at any time in the settings section.

Avaz2It’s also easy to choose an entirely different settings profile, just by using the Settings Wizard (accessible in the settings menu). I really had fun choosing different ages and communication levels to pay attention to what settings changed. It’s a very helpful way to get started for those new to AAC. It also allows for easy growth as students’ communication abilities grow.

Avaz Pro features picture communication with text, with the option to use text prediction as well on the keyboard button. Words are arranged by category, with each category including an increasing number of pictures as the board layout grows in number of pictures displayed. It’s very easy to navigate back to the previous screen or go home.

There are also easily accessed core words, which includes the little words we use often. Words such as it, a, off, and this are necessary in many complex sentences, and having them all gathered in one easily accessed category is a good feature.

Avaz3Quick Phrases are also easily accessed. The preloaded phrases include simple phrases like “good morning,” “my turn” and “thank you.” There are also longer sentences such as “where do you live?” or “please make me a schedule.” The idea is to have quick phrases that users will use often ready, so that they don’t have to type out every word in the phrase every time.

 It’s really easy to add custom phrases, too, as well as new vocabulary. I added “I want to go outside” just by typing the phrase into the text box when adding a new button. Avaz Pro suggested a great picture for me to use; the user can also choose the background color and upload a personal photo. It took me less than 30 seconds to add the button. This is a big plus for AAC, as sometimes vocabulary needs to be added quickly.

The Avaz Together section is easy to find, right at the top of the screen with the button labeled “Dashboard.” One amazing feature with Avaz Together integrated into Avaz Pro involves the practice mode. The practice board that loads with each practice phrase is not just random. The child’s individual settings are used to help learn the board layout and how to communicate together.

There is no way to recommend just one app for all AAC users, but I do love many of the features in Avaz Pro. It’s definitely worth looking at for all who might benefit from picture communication. The set up is intuitive and easy, the interface is smooth and the possibility for increased communication is high. $200 is fair market value for a high quality AAC app, especially with the addition ofthe learning modules in Avaz Together. One app meets both communication and learning needs, and that’s an amazing value.



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