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SpeechThis popular speech app helps parents and children ensure that speech skills are age-appropriate. Made by speech/language pathologists, it comes with tips, milestones, card decks, animated movies, reward activities, and even 3D models. Get what the pros are using for just $4.99 for today only.

If you'd like to purchase Speech Therapy Center (normally $9.99, but 50% off today), please use the handy link below so they'll know who sent you.

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***Please Note: Only download this app if you have iOS 7 or higher.

Speech Therapy Center redefines articulation apps in many ways. This fresh new interface will bring a new ease to accessing materials needed to improve speech. Not only does it come with 34 different card decks and nearly 1000 cards, it’s also packed with tools that will be invaluable to improving speech. Users of Speech Therapy Center can record audio and/or video, see placement movies for consonants and vowels, view 3D models of tongue shape, read about placement and get tips, and engage in reward activities…and all of this can be done on one easy to use screen.

Speech 2The following card decks are available with initial, medial, and final placement:
p, b, t, d, k, g, m, n, ing, f, v, ch, j, s, s blends, z, sh, l, l blends, th (voiced and voiceless), r, r blend, er, ear, ar, air, or, ire, rl, a, i, u, æ

Side view video is provided for the following sounds
p, b, t, d, k, g, m, n, ing, f, v, ch, j, s, z, sh, l, l blends, th (voiced and voiceless), r (retroflexed and bunched), a, i, u, æ

3D models of tongue shape exist for
t/d, k/g, sh/zh/, s/z, r retroflexed, r bunched



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