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Simplify your kids' school lunch by using the LaLa Lunchbox app (free to download HERE). This best-selling app makes meal packing a fun game for kids by letting them choose their lunches and generates a simple grocery list for parents in the process. The result: less food wasted because when kids choose their foods, they're more excited to eat their lunch and less likely to throw out perfectly good, but unwanted food. Added bonus: no more arguments in the morning about "what's for lunch".


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Featured in The New York Times, Parents, Cool Mom Tech and Parenting!

LaLa Lunchbox is the best-selling meal planning app for kids and parents. The app takes the stress out of lunch planning for families and empowers kids with their meal decisions. Kids select foods for their meals with fun monsters, colors and sounds (and a completely customizable Food Library) and those choices turn into a handy grocery list for parents. 

No more “what’s for lunch” arguments in the morning or uneaten, wasted food at the end of the day. Picky eaters beware! Studies have shown that when kids are involved in their food selection, they are empowered to choose more variety and waste less, which means a more balanced diet and grocery money better spent. 

Mornings can be tough, but lunch doesn't have to be! 


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