Learn about the constellations with our colorful animal friends in Kiwaka Story!


Learn about the colorful creatures from Kiwaka in the interactive book, Kiwaka Story. Learn about how our Kiwakan elephant friend got his pink hue and how his toucan buddy became so colorful. Then go on a journey with them and their friends to discover the mysteries in the stars. This app, with its soothing music and lovely artwork, is a delightful way to begin to introduce kids to the constellations.

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Kiwaka1Our story begins by introducing four animal friends – an elephant, a crocodile, a bird, and a snake – and we find out how each of them got their distinctive coloring. Then we follow the friends as the consult with the fireflies to learn the mysteries of the skies. This lovely lesson in astronomy will enchant and delight young learners.

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Do you know that, according to an old legend, fireflies carry the light from the stars?

Our story begins in Kiwaka, a small place tucked away in the depths of the African jungle. There lived four of the strangest creatures ever. 

Kiwaka5In this interactive book you will follow our friends in their quest to light the stars in the sky and unveil the ancient mysteries of the constellations. 

The book app transports you to the warm and delightful nights of Kiwaka, where the four friends happily discover the night sky. Meet them in this magical learning adventure! 

– Music by David Leon (Emmy-nominated, award-winning composer); 
– Narrated by Diogo Morgado (English and Portuguese editions only) who played the role of Jesus in the biblical epic film “The Son of God”; 
– All the pages are interactive and animated; 
– Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. 

You can also play our educational game, Kiwaka, and help the four friends to catch fireflies and learn about stars and constellations.


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