Good Free App of the Day: Multiples Crush! An exciting numbers puzzle for FREE!

MultiplesHow about a free challenging numbers puzzle to start off your weekend? Multiples Crush is an exciting match-3 type game that will appeal to beginning gamers and experts alike. Test your strategic skills while enjoying the flashy, exciting graphics. Test your math expertise as you advance from level to level.  You’ll find hours of enjoyment wrapped up in this app!

And did I mention that it’s our Good Free App of the Day?

If you’d like to download Multiples Crush (free, iPad/iPhone), please use they handy link below so they’ll know how you found them.

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Ads can be removed through in-app purchases, additional levels can be added through in-app purchases


Multiples1From iTunes:


Multiply your game crush with Multiples Crush! The number matching game with a crushing twist!

This amazingly fun game to match three or more numbers combines the fun of a jewel crushing game with the challenge of a numbers puzzle game! By matching the crystals that have the numbers that are multiples of the adjoining crystal, you can clear the matches off the playfield! Multiples Crush, with its cool graphics and expertly designed matching crystal number play, is a total win for puzzle, match-3, and numbers game fans around the world! This is a great game for gamers of most ages and play styles. Exercise both sides of your brain with Multiples Crush.

Multiples 2Multiples Crush Features:
Fun matching strategy game
Challenging numbers game
Cool crystal blasting graphics
Expertly designed and brilliantly created 
200 levels (collect 99 points to clear the next the level)
Easy to understand and progressively more tricky
Fantastic gaming for gamers of most ages and play styles

Multiples Crush effortlessly combines the best of both puzzle and strategy game worlds. A challenging numbers game and a fun matching game for the ultimate gaming experience! Share this game with all of your friends and gamer buddies to see who can achieve the highest level in a crystal crushing showdown! 

This sweet game is just what you have been craving for multiplied by infinite fun!!





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