Aacorn AAC is celebrating Accessibility Awareness Day by giving away 5 codes (valued at $79.99ea)

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The 21st of May is World Accessibility Awareness Day, and Aacorn AAC – The Intelligent Solution for Children with Autism, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, MS and Developmentally Delayed Speech are celebrating by not only reducing the price by 60% from $199.99 to just $79.99 – they have also given us 5 codes to give away!  

Read Jenni’s 4 Star review HERE then enter to win!

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Watch 3yr old Atlas and his Mom, talking about the real value of AAC and early intervention below.  

Atlas – ‘Now we’re Talking!’ from AACORN on Vimeo.


If you would like to download aacorn AAC – The Intelligent Solution for Children with Autism, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, MS and Developmentally Delayed Speech (iPad only – reduced from $199.99 to $79.99) please support Smartappsforkids.com by using our download link below: 

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From iTunes: 

1HUGE Autism month savings! 60% Off (Normally $199usd). Sale ends soon! Don’t miss out!
“aacorn signals a revolution in the way we provide AAC support to children.. The first to really capitalize on the strengths of the iPad” – Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson (University of Edinburgh). 

aacorn is the next generation assistive communication solution designed especially for non verbal and speech delayed children and recognized as a genuine break-through by parents, educators and speech therapists around the world! 

Included in Apple’s “Special Education” collection of recommended apps, and used by 300+ organisations worldwide, aacorn can be easily used by even the youngest or most developmentally delayed communicators.

2aacorn bridges the huge gulf between PECS cards and AAC systems designed for adults. It is more engaging for children, but also incredibly powerful, making AAC more accessible to children who cannot type or spell or who find the older grid-based systems so frustrating.

Here’s just some of the feedback from leading speech and language experts:

+ “aacorn is the first solution that will help to unlock a child’s real potential to communicate.” – Professor Sheena Reilly (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute). 
+ “This innovative app really could change the way we introduce, teach and model AAC systems to early communicators.” – Amanda Hartmann (SLP) Spectronics. 

3Why are they so excited… because aacorn is so much more than another app with buttons that speak! aacorn replaces the old grid of folders layout used by last generation apps and devices (where often children can’t find the words they need), and introduces a radically improved design for children that is much easier to use. 

A clean and clear system of branching pathways we call the Word Tree™. Your child makes a word choice and new branches with suggestions for the next word in a sentence present themselves AUTOMATICALLY as needed. 

No More ‘Hunting and Pecking’ for words hidden in grids or folders! No need to be able to use a keyboard! No requirement to have an exceptional memory to find words, and no more stick figure drawings or robotic voices!! The difference is amazing!

4aacorn delivers a number of world-firsts for children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, MS, Apraxia, developmental delays or difficulty learning language… 

• Learns to PREDICT what a child wants to say! 
The only full communication AAC app designed for very young, developmentally delayed or pre-literate children. 

• Designed especially for CHILDREN
Incredibly easy to learn and setup. Makes makes full use of the iPad (NOT mimicking old devices). aacorn is as powerful if not more powerful than aac software for adults costing many thousands of dollars. 

• Adapts to ALL cognitive abilities and needs 
The first ‘intelligent’ AAC software. aacorn recognises each child’s needs and adapts itself so that even pre-literate children can make and speak everything from short phrases to highly complex sentences! 

• REAL Childrens Voices 
A child isn’t a robot and so aacorn comes packed with actual real children’s voices. Choose between boy and girl US, UK, and Australian voices, speaking very expressive words. Or you can use the built-in recording studio to record new voices. 

• TEACHES Language Development
Helps children develop an understanding of language by visually modelling the relationships between words and presenting choices automatically! Allowing children to form sentences MUCH faster and expanding their vocabulary!

• Grows with YOUR Child. 
Change almost anything: create new words, modify or disable existing ones, save favourites, add photos, even use the built-in drawing tools to personalise things. 

Supports multiple users and cloud back-ups, no more to pay!

Note: Educational institutions can save up to a further 50% off the sales when ordering multiple copies through Apple’s volume purchase program.


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