Featured Apps and Giveaway! Win Pocket SLP apps for life! Three winners!

PocketSome of my absolute favorite apps for therapy are developed by Pocket SLP. I use Category Carousel often with my kindergarten students, to help them understand categorization. And The R App is my go-to app for students working on their 'r' sound. 

And that's just two! Right now you can win nearly 20 free apps (almost $200 value) from Pocket SLP to support speech and language.  Not only that but get free apps for life!  That's right, with each new app released, you'll get them all free. Simply sign up for the Pocket SLP newsletter to enter! Enter in the Rafflecopter below!

I can't believe this amazing deal, I wish like anything I could win it. Win nearly 20 apps right now (worth $200!) but that's not all! This is no rip-off infomercial, you really WILL win every new Pocket SLP app. That's right, every time Pocket SLP releases a new app, you'll get it free, too!

Take a look at their website to see the great apps available. And don't worry–if you already have some of the Pocket SLP apps, you're still eligible to win. You can share a code with a friend for the apps you have. 

**IT IS REQUIRED to sign up for the Pocket SLP apps newsletter in order to win this contest! All other entries are bonus, but if you're not signed up for the newsletter, you can't win! If you forgot to do it, just click back on the link in the Rafflecopter.**

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Heather H counted, she has 15 of the Pocket SLP apps.

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