Mr. Shape’s Touchcard is packed full of delightful gameplay!

Mr shapeMr. Shape’s Touchcard is an interactive picture card app for kids aged 2 to 6. With more than 50 cards available, your child can choose activities ranging from puzzles to music to deconstructing a cartoon tiger. The sheer volume and variety of things going on will engage your kiddo for as long as you’ll let them have screen time.

If you’d like to download Mr. Shape’s Touchcard, please use the handy link below so they’ll know who sent you.

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NO Ads YES IAP ExLinks (1)No ads, but there are in-app purchases and external links in protected parent area.

What’s free? The first nine starter cards plus four bonus ones are available with the free version. Additional card packs are available for $1.99 a set.


IMG_0853Mr. Shape’s Touchcard will entertain your little one, certainly, and the colorful activities range from educational to just for fun. There’s that certain level of silly involved that a five-year-old revels in — at least mine did. Each page offers up multiple interactive elements that can entertain and educate. Each card is labeled and your child can hear the name out loud just by touching the word. They’re helping expand vocabularies here, folks.

Play along with your child and take advantage of the many opportunities to help them learn through play. There are many opportunities to strengthen their hand eye coordination skills and situations to practice problem solving. Where else are you going to get to shear a sheep and pilot a hot air balloon all in one place?

IMG_0862The bright, simple interface is easy for kids to navigate and the animation and sound effects are sure to entertain. All your child has to do is tap on their chosen card to bring it to life. Or they can let Mr. Shape choose at random simply by tapping his face. The many opportunities for musical interaction delighted my children. My son, in particular, got a good laugh out of some of the sillier situations.

Mr. Shape’s Touchcard is packed full of activity and entertainment.




IMG_0859From iTunes:


Kids & Parents enjoy the app! Released the new add-on "Pack 5" which includes 9 new cards, with full of fun!
Added a free card "Make a face game"!

Newly added "Pack 5", as well as Pack 1 – 4.
9 cards are included in Pack No.5, You get "Shaved ice", "Hat", "Magic", "Elevator", "Nock the blocks game", "Cat", 
"Earth", "Bus", "Harp".
You can enjoy free 9 cards for starter, plus 4 extra cards without buying in-app purchase.

Launched official facebook page. Lots of exclusive information on it. Please "LIKE!" to Mr.shape!
Twitter official account @mr_shape_en Please follow me!

IMG_0858-Basic Information-
KOO-KI's first app with an original character "Mr.shape". We're a creative studio in Japan.
Touch, Play and Learn. Mr.shape's TouchCard is dedicated for kids and parents with fun picture cards.
Touch the card, you can make sound, move, play with quiz, and more! Lots of surprises and discoveries.
If you have internet access, you can enjoy the animation movies.





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