Good Free Apps of the Day: FIVE new apps from BabyFirst (great baby and toddler apps)


BabyFirst has released five new apps for babies and toddlers since Heather first posted about them earlier this year.  There is hide and seek, puzzles, peekaboo and a cute scratch and reveal game featuring Harry the Bunny.

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Find Little Dot 1-10 by BabyFirst & Lazoo


There's nothing Little Dot enjoys more than playing hide and seek…and playing along with him is easy for your baby or toddler with Find Little Dot 1-10! Simply select a number and language and start playing. When you see Little Dot’s smiling face hidden in each scene, give him a tap and hear him count aloud. As you complete a level watch him magically transform into something new.

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Play with Peekaboo by BabyFirst – Engaging, Playful, and Amusing Game for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool Kids


Every baby’s first game is Peekaboo, and this digital version will surely result in lots of giggles with every tap of the screen. The friendly, blue character, “Peekaboo” moves around, animates and makes cute noises that will entertain the youngest of children. Pass the phone back and keep your little one occupied in the car, at the store or wherever you go.

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BabyFirst's Puzzle Time Lite


In BabyFirst’s “Puzzle Time” application, children have the ability to drag and drop puzzle pieces into the correct location and make it whole.

Choose between a variety of puzzles including animal scenes in the jungle, arctic and on the farm. Or pick a puzzle that contains letters, numbers or shapes. Have fun exploring with your baby or toddler!

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Peekaboo, I See You! by BabyFirst (in-app purchase)


The classic kids’ game comes to life with this animated and interactive guessing game app! This stimulating and charming app features Peekaboo, the friendly blue character from the hit TV series, Peek-a-boo, I See You! on BabyFirst. Peekaboo hides behind common objects and gives hints and clues to help babies and toddlers figure out where he is hiding!

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Where's Harry? by BabyFirst – Engaging, Playful, and Amusing Scratch & Reveal App for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool Kids (in-app purchase)


Interact with Harry the Bunny in this playful nursery game! This art app for babies is the perfect introduction to geography for kids! Wipe the screen to reveal a beautiful picture of everyone’s favorite bunny, Harry, in a different famous location around the globe. You might see him at the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China or the Statue of Liberty. 

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