Good Free App of the Day: Learn 3000 academic vocabulary words with this completely FREE app!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.27.45 PMToday while browsing the top charts for kids' apps (something I do regularly–occupational hazard), I found an app I'd never seen before. Wordly Wise 3000® Vocabulary Flashcards FREE really does have flashcards for 3000 words, with both text and audio definitions. Each word is used in a sentence, too (I give encomium to the developer for this feature) and the flip side of each flashcard asks a question abpout each word.

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WordI am an avid supporter of learning vocabulary, both as a speech-language pathologist and a word nerd.  I've already figured out several uses for this app in my therapy, including having students working on generalizing fluency and speech sound production read the definitions outloud for practice. I'm not embellishing the truth to say that for vocabulary goals, this app may well be a lifesaver. 

I was pleased to note that the definitions can all be read aloud, including the sample sentences. This shows the developer, Educators Publishing Service, to be conscientious in making sure the app is useful for a wide variety of learners. 

Check out this amazing app! Even if you're not sure it's needed, be prudent and download it to check it out. It's completely free and then you can ascertain if it's really for you.

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Word2Learn 3,000 vocabulary words for free!

Every word from the popular Wordly Wise 3000® series is now available on the iPad®. Use these flashcard activities to build your vocabulary, improve your English, or prepare for SAT tests. Features include:

– NEW: TRACK YOUR PROGRESS – the app now stores your progress as you study new words
– 3,000 ACADEMIC VOCABULARY WORDS – as found in literature, texts, and high-stakes tests
– 11 GRADE LEVELS – from elementary to high school
– 210 WORD LISTS – in manageable sets of 10 to 15 words
– 100+ ILLUSTRATIONS – for vocabulary words at the elementary levels
– MULTIPLE MEANINGS – for each vocabulary word, not just single meanings
– SAMPLE SENTENCES – to provide a rich context for each definition
– FULL AUDIO SUPPORT – with the ability to hear all text on screen read aloud
– “QUICK CHECK” QUIZ QUESTIONS – to give you more word practice and reinforce meanings
– CORRECTIVE FEEDBACK – to coach you toward, or to confirm, correct answers

Note: Internet connection is required.



Profile2Heather H has an ardent love of vocabulary words and loved reading through the word lists in this app to find new words to add and underline.

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