Featured App: Type and Learn HD-S — learn letters and spelling using a full QWERTY keyboard

Type and learn iconType and Learn HD-S offers kids from preschool to middle school the opportunity to learn using a traditional QWERTY keyboard, from letter recognition and spelling for the younger tots all the way up to free writing for older kids. Their letters and words can be read back to them in a synthesized voice, giving them immediate gratification for their accomplishments.

For children who have difficulty with handwriting, this app could offer a stress-free way to practice spelling, writing and reading. Get it now while it is discounted to $0.99. Save $3!

If you would like to purchase Type and Learn HD-S (iPad ONLY; currently discounted to $0.99, normally $3.99), please use the handy link below so they’ll know who sent you.

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Type and learn 3Type and Learn HD-S has the appearance of an actual laptop screen and full QWERTY keyboard, making even the littlest learner feel like a big kid as they practice their letter recognition and preparing them to use real computers one day.  So many practical applications! As kids learn to read, this app grows with them, helping them to spell and practice their pronunciation.

The speech synthesis option reads the text they type back to them, or with the phonics letter sound option they can hear what sound each letter should make.

Type and learn 1As children become more accomplished readers, they can begin to write their own sentences and even short stories. They are rewarded by being able to hear their own words read aloud.

At the current discounted price of $0.99, why not add it to your arsenal of educational apps?

From iTunes:


This app offers an age appropriate ( 3-10 years) and stepwise program towards developing spelling, writing and reading skills. This app has a lot of content with over 450 exercises. It has various forms of letter and writing exercises, as well as a well developed hints and help system.

Type and learn 5SCHOOL EDITION
20 school related features that will provide better and more targeted learning for the individual pupil.

The essence of the app lies in the fact that research shows that its much easier to learn early writing with a keyboard than the old pencil and eraser method. The speech synthesis adds even more educational value as it will read each written letter, word and even the whole sentence with a synthetic voice. When using this app and its speaking keyboard kids can actually learn to read by writing. It will provide a good basis for learning to read and write.

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1 A three year old will learn the alphabet [ A B C ]
2 A five year old who wants to learn to spell words [ WORDS ]
3 A six year old who practice in writing sentences [ TRANSCRIPTION ]
4 An eight year old who solves audio tasks [ LISTEN ]
5 A ten year old that explores writing [ EXPLAIN ]
6 A ten year old will practice free writing. Short stories, novels etc.

• Speech Synth – Text to speech
• Option for phonics letter sound 
• Progression in word level – Expertbutton
• Improved A B C – Alphabet learning
• Homework button 

• Children 3-10 years Kindergarten / 1-4 grade
• Early learning plus -minus three years
• Learning in Kindergarten
• Learning in School
• Reading and writing difficulties
• Dyslexia
• Children with special needs
• School Readiness
• Kindergarten kids preparing for school
• Children / adults with foreign language 
• Homeschooling



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