Featured App: Splat — a fast-paced and fun matching game

SplatPlaying with trash has never been so much fun! The Trash Pack characters are brought to life in a fun game of Splat. Choose a trashie to play against or challenge a friend in this fast-paced game of matching. The winner must have focused attention and fast movements in this game. Turn up the difficulty to challenge you as you play against the different trashies. Do you have what it takes to beat trashies?

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Splat4The developers of Splat, Ping! Enterprises Pty. Ltd., made an addictive game for the whole family based on the old SNAP card game. Two players take turns putting down a card into a pile. When two cards in a row are the same picture or color, the players must tap splat as fast as they can. The first person to tap it gets the point. Tap five splats first to win the round.

Splat provides the option to play against a trashie or play a friend. When playing against a trashie, the user chooses between 11 different opponents. The difficulty level can be changed within the options. There are also four different backgrounds and six different decks to explore within the app. Do you want to play in DingyDiner, CrudBeach, SewerDoor or TrashAlley? Don't they all sound so appealing? Who knows what will be found lying around each scene?

Splat1Two players can challenge each other in a split screen mode. It is a lot of fun to challenge a friend. Make sure to practice with the trashies before taking on all your friends. 

This dirty trashy game is full of awesome graphics and sound effects. Kids will enjoy playing the game and exploring the many included cards. I never thought I would have so much fun playing with and matching trash. Scum gum and Trash-A-Pillar are awfully cute though! Don't miss out on this fun game.

Splat3From iTunes:

Trash Pack Splat takes the old SNAP card game and gives it a modern update for the iPad. A game for matching, improving alertness, attention span, and speed of visual and verbal responses. The goal is to win all 5 five rounds per game. Play against one of your favourite Trash Pack characters or a friend. It's up to you to decide if you want to match only the characters on the cards or the card colour as well.

* Simple user interface
* Addictive fun for the whole family
* Play against a trashie
* play against a friend
* Awesome graphics
* Awesome sound effects
* Over 200 Trashie Characters
* 4 different areas of Trash Town to play in
* Card decks for all 6 Series


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