Featured App: BitBabies — a “snake” game incorporating adoption

BitbabiesDo you remember the classic "snake" game, in which the player guided a snake to pick up objects to make him grow longer? It's a game of strategy, in which a user cannot allow the snake to touch the wall or touch himself. BitBabies is that exact game concept with kids instead of a snake. A user begins a gaming adventure of adopting children in classic "snake" game style.

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Bitbabies1The developer, User X, took a classic and fun game a step further to incorporate children. A character is chosen from the main screen to begin a family. There are six different cartoon people to choose from with three different skin colors — three men and three women. The person chosen is the leader of the family that will be adopting children.

A tutorial is included to walk through how to play. It immediately begins on the first time through the game. It can be accessed from the main menu at any time as well. It is an interactive how-to that guides a player through the initial steps before allowing a real game to begin.

Bitbabies2A child appears on the screen for the initial character to adopt. A user will move his finger around the screen to lead the characters. A countdown appears below the child that correlates with the number of points earned. Adopt a child quickly when the numbers are higher for more points. Once a child is adopted, he will go to the end of the line to follow the initial character. A long line of children will form and make the game more and more difficult. The game ends when a child runs into the wall or the characters run into each other.

BitBabies is a fun app that uses a bit of strategy as the line gets longer. Children will enjoy building their family to see how large it can grow. The app can be connected to Game Center for achievements to be saved. If you are missing the classic "snake" game, this just might be the next best thing for you.

Bitbabies3From iTunes:

See how large you can grow your family! A modern twist on the classic 'snake' gameplay.

Guide your character around the screen taking care not to hit the sides or any member of your family!
– Game Center integration with leaderboards and achievements
– Addictive gameplay
– Challenge your friends to beat your score!





ProfilePic75Heather S. made it to a family of 28 before running over a child. It reminded her a bit of a class of students following her down the hallway, but they run into the wall without her help.




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