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BloxyEver step on a little block that has been left out on the floor? It hurts! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to build with blocks and not have to clean them up afterwards? Bloxy World. Bricks for Kids is an app that allows a user to do just that. A project can be started from scratch or a model can be used. There are many options and no mess.



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App-Warning-noADS-IAP-ELExternal links go to the developer's website and to iTunes. The in-app purchases are to add coins, bricks, or models. All bricks and models can be purchased for $8.99. Coins can be bought for different amounts, and then can be used to buy extra bricks and models in the game.


Bloxy1Bloxy World. Bricks for Kids is aimed for children ages six to eleven to use their imagination and creativity to build with over 250 blocks. The player can choose the background, the base board size and color, and a globe to start with. Then, the building can begin by choosing blocks and placing them on the board. The colors of each block can be changed, and the blocks can be moved around, even after being initially placed on the base.

There are also mini figures, animals, and extra items to use in the project. There are many different shapes and templates that are available for free. If a player is looking for a certain piece or theme, there are others that have to be purchased. The player is provided with $1000 coins at the beginning of the game that can be used to purchase some additional content. Additional coins are earned by unlocking achievements, such as using 100 bricks, using ten brick colors, and more. Coins can be bought through in-app purchases and then used to get different bricks and models. There is also the option to buy all models and bricks for $8.99.

Bloxy2There is an online community for users of Bloxy World. Bricks for Kids at http://www.bloxyworld.com/. Users can upload pictures of their masterpieces onto the site for others to see. There is also the option to download completed projects from the site into the app for a user to play with and edit.

There are parental locks on leaving the app and making purchases. Projects that are made can be shared through social media with parent permission also.

This app is free with in-aBloxy3pp purchases, and I believe it is worth downloading, not only because it is a fun app, but also because you will not step on any blocks that are left out on the floor and there is no mess to clean up. What could be better than that?



From iTunes:

Bloxy World is a new way of creating with bricks.

3D WORLD with 250+ bricks!
FREE PLAY or build MODELS or other people’s PROJECTS
FULL CONTROL of almost every aspect of the 3D world

Bloxy4** Join an exceptional 3D Bloxy World with unlimited set of bricks of all styles, colors and textures,
** Make use of great range of mini figures, animals and additional items (trees, cars, space ships, castles and many more!),
** Fall in love with special Bloxy themes: Space, Castle, City, Cars and Vehicles, Planes and many more
** Build anything you can imagine or …
** Try out Models mode with pre-constructed worlds that can serve as a playground to have fun with,
** Unlock achievements, earn Bloxy coins and build your collection of Bloxy bricks, mini figures and items,
** Share your projects with the whole world out there via www.bloxyworld.com – mobile community for kids,
** View other users' projects,
** Vote for projects you like most,
** Get some inspiration and download the projects you like directly into your phone to play with them.

Bloxy World is an open-ended, creative app and community for kids. It allows complete creative control of the 3D world, encourages creativity, stimulates children imagination and develops their curiosity.

Bloxy5Key Features:
Hundreds of bricks in different shapes, colors and textures,
Lovely mini figures, animals and additional items,
Special Bloxy themes: Space, Castle, City, Cars and Vehicles, Planes and many more,
Free play mode and challenging pre-constructed models to build,
Bloxy World mobile & web community for kids: share your project, view other users' projects, vote for the best and download the one you like most directly into your phone,
Snapshot feature to take a photo of your creation,
Sharing feature to share your project via social media channels and email,
Parental Gating (We always ask for parental permission before allowing children to link out of the app.)

You can find plans (or follow instructions) to build something specific, but it is just as fun to simply play with it any way you like. Join Bloxy World today!


ProfilePicHeather S. is cringing in pain just at the memory of stepping on blocks during her childhood. Smartappsforkids.com was paid a fee for this sponsored post.







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