Featured App-iJumble SAT Vocab Prep.

Mzl.yjrwfhxg.175x175-75iJumble is at it again-only this time, for big kids! One of the big sections of the SAT is vocabulary and iJumble is here to help. Get your vocabulary practice on using this free app!

Brace yourself for a few ads & in-app purchases, but as a high school student, free help is sometimes hard to come by!

If you'd like to purchase iJumble-SAT (FREE with IAP, iPod/iPad) use this link to support Smart Apps for Kids

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These images help you know in advance that this app contains in-app purchases, external links to social media and the app store, and ads during the app. Know before you download!

What is FREE in the app: 1,000 vocabulary words
In-app purchases:- 4000 bonus words and definitions $2.


Screen568x568The folks at Aeralas have put their brains and dictionaries to hard work and compiled a list of great words to know in order for your college-bound kid to do his very best for the SATs. 


Test your vocab knowledge and spelling skills with this test-prep app. Your bright student can select to play in an unlimited cycle of words and meanings, or on a timed 5-minute trial. 

Stuck? No problem. An "undo" button can be found at the bottom of the screen for mis-spelled words, along with a "?" button that quickly reveals the answer. Make note that the answer still needs to be correctly spelled before the app moves on to a new vocabulary word.


I really like that this app is iPod and iPad accessible. This makes it available for study and review just about anywhere.The untimed section of the app is great for 5 minutes in a waiting room or 5 hours worth of studying at night.

Help your teen do their very best on one of the biggest test in their life so far and give iJumble SAT a download!



265_10151132533268245_768806732_nRachel always did much, much better on the vocabulary portions of standardized tests than on the math portions. Just writing this post made her thankful she is done with those tests for a long, long time. 




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