Back to School Bonanza Giveaway: Visual Attention TherAppy ($50).

DownloadVisual Attention TherAppy from Tactus Therapy is our 3rd and final giveaway from the SLP app company, but that certainly doesn't mean it is the least. Visual Attention TherAppy is a top-notch app for brain injury, stroke, and other cognitive impairment patients.

The lovely people at Tactus have generously given us 5 codes of this app-and we're giving them to you! 


Mzl.zzpyucfo.480x480-75Visual Attention TherAppy is the same quality app we have come to expect from Tactus. In case you can't tell from my last 2 posts about their app, and Heather's review here, we think they're pretty swell. That feeling is one thing coming from a developer, but another coming from 2 speech pathologists who use a lot of apps all day long. 

Here's the down-low on Visual Attention TherAppy
Get your hands on this professional therapy app designed to improve reading, scanning, concentration, memory, attention to detail, neglect, and speed of processing! Race against time to find letters and symbols in a field of adjustable size – perfect for rehab therapists, brain injury survivors, and special needs classrooms!  

Scanning from left to right all the way across the page is an essential skill for reading, both for children learning to read and for those with brain injury causing visual or attention deficits. 

This app provides systematic and customizable practice to train the eyes and brain to move correctly. It is also a great trainer for attention/concentration skills. Developed for stroke survivors and people with dyslexia by a Speech-Language Pathologist…

If you've entered to win the other Tactus apps we've given away, why not round out your collection with Visual Attention?

Use the widget below, but hurry-the month is almost over, so this giveaway is only lasting a few days!

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