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SAFK_Jills-EarthdayMost of the time when we talk about the three R's it's reading, writing and arithmetic we are referring to. When April and Earth Day roll around the three R's can only mean Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. There are a number of apps that celebrate our planet and give tips on how to reduce our carbon footprint. This list highlights some apps that introduce the concept of going green in ways even young children can understand.


LoraxThe Lorax – Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media
($4.99 iPad/iPhone)

Back before Prius' were status symbols, Dr. Seuss knew a thing or two about environmental destruction. The Lorax is a wonderful story for ages 3-6 that perfectly captures what Earth Day aims to teach us all.

The story recounts how the Lorax tries to save the Truffula Forest and its inhabitants from disaster at the hands of an insatiable factory owner. The Lorax's pleas are ignored and tragedy follows. A Dr. Seuss classic, it also serves as an ecological warning that still rings true today.


Recycle hdRecycle HD by Arun Ramamoorthy and Sprout Labs
($1.99 iPad only)

Recycle HD, from the makers of the excellent Butterfly HD and Plant HD, contains photos, videos and a surprising Did You Know section that covers interesting facts about the 3R's. There is a text to speech feature that allows non-readers to hear everything read. The extensive content correlates to Common Core State Standards and there is a multi-level quiz based on Bloom's Taxonomy. This app is dynamite for classroom use and gives great examples of recycling projects everyone can engage in.


Eco boy
Eco boy 2The Amazing Adventures of Eco Boy by Lana Sultan
($.99 iPad/iPhone)

(#1)  (#2)

Deanne gave Volume 1 three and a half stars in her review which you can read here.

Eco Boy is a superhero of sorts who fights against waste and pollution in these fun ebooks featuring Read and Listen modes. The first volume introduces our hero. The message of the book is to spread awareness about living a greener life amongst our children through teaching them how to reduce the amount of disposable items and how to make choices when purchasing. The first book was kept extremely simple for the sake of ingraining the main concept which is the emphasis on the importance of the three "R"s. Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. Volume 2 covers, in the guise of a villian named Bottlexo, the negative impact on the environment of piles and piles of plastic bottles. Eco Boy is joined by Bio Girl in the fight to save the planet.


BuildaBuilda the Re-Bicycler by Midlandia Press
($1.99 iPad only)

Heather gave this app four stars in her review which can be found here.

The island of Midlandia is bicycle-crazy – but a problem seems to be piling up. When the town dump overflows with discarded bikes, Builda the factory owner springs into action. Can her plan to reduce, reuse, and recycle save the day?


One childOne
Child, One Planet by InteractBooks LLC
($4.99 iPad/iPhone)

This book aimed at the young conservationist has gorgeous photos that kids get to color with magic ink or put together using puzzle tiles.

Now a beautiful interactive photo book!  Children of all ages will be captivated by this loving tribute to Mother Earth, her gifts and her greatest concerns. Young or old, everyone’s actions make a difference. Charming prose and awe-inspiring photography are woven into a family treasure that will create excitement and responsibility toward the planet. Winner of a 2010 Mom’s Choice Award, National Best Book honoree, and proud finalist for the 2010 Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Children’s Picture Book!


VerdeVerde by Verde Sustainable Solutions, L3C
(Free, iPad only)

Verde will require some adult supervision, but it gives a very in your face analysis of how much every gadget in your home costs to operate. I feel good knowing tablets are much more energy efficient than old laptops or desktops, but A/C in Florida is a killer in kilowatts consumed. Kids may finally appreciate what a difference turning off the lights makes after seeing this app.


YogomeRecycle Hero for Kids by Yogome, Inc.
($2.99 iPad/iPhone)

Recycling is at its heart sorting so what better way to practice this skill than by helping separate glass, plastic, paper and steel into their proper bins. This fast paced game supports multiple user avatars and has increasingly difficult levels so children of different ages can all enjoy it.

★★★ FEATURED AS NEW & NOTEWORTHY IN THE EDUCATION CATEGORY ★★★ Recycle Hero is an adventure game that teaches kids about recycling and taking care of the environment in a fun way. Help your kid be a Hero and save the world from being polluted, make your kid take action with this 21st Century Skills game for kids.The game’s mission is to fight the Evil Queen Ignorantia who has decided to use the planet as her junkyard. To stop her, the Yogome Squad must use special powers to separate all the trash into plastic, compost, glass, paper and metals so they can rescue the world.


RadventuresGreen RADventures Books 1 & 2 by Snowball, LLC
($1.99 iPad, $.99 iPhone)

(Book 1 iPad)    (Book 2)

(Book 1 iPhone) (Book 2)

Join Nico, his babysitter Hannah, and the kooky Green Minstrel as they enjoy the magic of growing their own food! The Green RADventures of Nico is a completely immersive experience that teaches respect and love for the Earth by capturing childrens’ attention, emotion and interest. This instant classic is an ‘Earth-saver’ because these important lessons affect us all.

Automatic and user initiated animations utilize the iPad as the ultimate teaching tool for advancing the power of literature to new realms of possibility. Reading becomes engaged activity. This Book App utilizes what the incredible iPad has to offer, and does so to forward the story and intensify the impressions of the themes and messages.


4 seasonsThe Four Seasons – An Earth Day Interactive Children's Story Book HD By TabTale LTD
(Free, iPad/iPhone)

Help save the planet!!! Raise awareness & teach your children about all of the precious gifts that mother nature has to offer: clean air, refreshing water, green environment and many more…all in the context of a beautiful interactive children's story book set around the changing seasons.

What’s Inside:
✔ Sing Along – Happy Earth Day – Dear Planet
✔ Nurture and Grow a tree in the spring
✔ Drink water with the bunnies in summer
✔ Collect the falling leaves in autumn
✔ Dress up the Snowman in winter
✔ Help the Gardner clean the park
✔ Play the eggs Xylophone
✔ Learn vocabulary at the park shop
✔ Many more fun and educational activities inside
✔ Fun Puzzle activities on many pages


Kids planetKids Planet Discovery by LA FACTORIA D'IMATGES, SERVEIS GRAFICS, SL 
(Free iPad/iPhone with in-app purchases $.99-$4.99)

Learning about our planet and all the wonderful people, places and animals that inhabit it helps kids understand the importance of conserving resources and being good stewards of the environment. Kids Planet Discovery which I reviewed at Christmas time has
been updated with even more content and is a great place to give kids a global perspective. We all have to do our part to protect our planet so start teaching your kids early and Happy Earth Day!



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