GIVEAWAY: The iPad that inspired Smart Apps for Kids!

59939_4968699891729_823564738_nYears ago in a place far, far away, a young man named Ron Engel (pictured here rockin' a mullet) bought himself a brand new, first generation iPad. He sat, a little scared, a little bewildered, wondering what it was all about. What app should he download? Would he ever fill the 16GB memory? How would he switch it on?

Well, Ron quickly became an iPad aficionado and in fact, it was this very iPad that started the whole Smart Apps for Kids adventure. And you, dear readers, could WIN a part of history – the first iPad Ron ever owned, the iPad he first played Kingdom Rush on, the iPad he hugged tightly as he fell asleep at night. 

You could win THAT iPad.


So let me give you the facts. This giveaway is for a 16GB iPad 1 (Wi-Fi) which also comes with a nice, snap-on Marware case. It has been updated to include the most recent iOs update and has been taken very
Unnamed good care of.

Here at Smart Apps for Kids we frankly swoon at the thought of receiving some of our Grand Poobah's old possessions. Only recently, Emilie was thrilled to receive the left shoe that Ron wore while out on a brisk Winter's walk. And I know both myself and Lisa M are gleefully anticipating which one of us will get the lime green sweatband he wore in 1987 on a night out.

Ron has thoroughly tested this iPad and used all the apps he currently runs on his iPad 3 and all works fine. Some apps may run a little slow but in general, it's all dandy. And another point to consider is the iPad 1 is really sturdy in comparison to the later models so may in fact be more suitable for exuberant children.

SportShell_convertible_ipadWouldn't you like to win this iPad and cover? How cool would it be to clutch the same device that our Ron first played Angry Birds on? The iPad he downloaded The Best of Journey on?

Yes. Yes of course you would. Now go and fill in the Rafflecopter then keep everything crossed.

Good luck everyone. 



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LisapicheadIf Lisa wins Staff Member of the Year (fingers crossed) she will win the MC Hammer pants that Ron wore in 1989. 

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