Spooks, Spectres and Scary Stuff! A Hallowe’en Giveaway!

Halloween-pumpkin-2It’s my favourite time of year and I’m going to give away a variety of Hallowe’en apps to get you all in the spooky mood.

*cue lightning flash and scary laugh*

This year the Tot is dressing up as an student vampire. She enjoys Trick or Treating but has to be told not to go into peoples’ houses and go upstairs as if she owns the place. If your little goblins are getting excited about tricks then these apps should go down a treat. You may have read Deanne’s Ten Top Hallowe’en Apps! Well some of her favourites are up for grabs

I have THREE codes for Trick Or Treat Picture Me. (0.99, iPhone/iPad)

Like the other Picture Me Apps in the Oceanhouse Media range, you can insert a cute kiddie pic and hey presto, they can be a pumpkin, or a puppy and other dress up characters and star in their own story. If you’d like to buy this app, you can download it here.

Trick or Treat: Picture Me® - Oceanhouse Media


Mza_5116711618066768643.320x480-75I also have THREE codes for What Was I Scared of? (iPhone/iPad. $1.99)

What was I Scared of? - Dr. Seuss - Oceanhouse Media

A scary pair of pale green pants strikes terror into the heart of a Dr.Seuss character. But maybe the trousers are the real scaredy pants of the tale. It’s a great story, wonderfully done and perfect for your Hallowe’en collection.


THREE codes for The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. (iPhone/iPad. $1.99)

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin - Oceanhouse MediaMzl.diywaaha.320x480-75

A story about a pumpkin who wants curves and not edges with a theme of acceptance and tolerance. Great sound effects in this app and lots of interactive elements.


I’ve  a trio of codes for The Berenstain Bears Go on A Ghost Walk, (iPhone/iPad. $3.99)

Mza_2149991605581014669.320x480-75I’m such a fan of Oceanhouse Media books. And this story, about Papa Bear and his cubs preparing for the Hallowe’en ‘Ghost walk’ is terrific. And there’s a Grizzula and a Frankenbear in this story.

The Berenstain Bears Go on a Ghost Walk - Oceanhouse Media



Who’d like to win Giggle Ghosts? (iPad only. 0.99) I’ve TWO codes for this one. Tot adores this app. It’s all the bouncing of ghosts that entertains her. If you’d like to purchase it, please use this download link.

Giggle Ghosts - by Busy Bee Studios - Busy Bee Studios



And I have TWO codes for one of our Top Picks, Even Monsters Get Sick, (iPad only. $1.99). this is a Tot Top Pick too. She’s still not tired of reading this one.

 Even Monsters Get Sick - Busy Bee Studios


Fans of Night and Day Studios apps will like their Hallowe’en offering; Peekaboo Trick or Treat, (iPhone/iPad. $1.99). I have TWO codes for it.14 quirly characters are all dressed up and you pop them out of their costumes to see who’s hiding underneath It’s the illustrations I really like in this app, especially the werewolf. The werewolf is fantastic. And there’s a groovy ghost too.


Peekaboo Trick or Treat with Ed Emberley - Night & Day Studios, Inc.





I have TEN codes for an app that made it onto Deanne’s list, First Words Hallowe’en. (iPhone/iPad. $1.99)

Learn to spell 54 spooky themed words, including witch, treat and dragon. We can leave the more difficlut words like ectoplasm and apparition until the Tot gets bigger. Again, you can buy this app immediately if you can’t wait. But please use our dinky button if you do.

First Words Halloween - Learning Touch

 All that’s left for y’all to do is enter using the Rafflecopter below. 

*cue my witch cape blowing in breeze as I leave via broomstick*


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